Friday, January 2, 2009

Britney Spears

I am going to put all pride aside at this point and shamefully say I love Britney Spears. I don't like the old Britney- I much prefer the crazy, medicated Britney. :) I really like her last 3 albums. I listen to the ALL the time in my van and hide the CD case so people who are nosy and look in have no clue what's really in my player. I'm totally embarrased to admit this, really. What's worse is that I have apparently passed this on to Olivia. Olivia LOVES Britney Spears. I have turned my child on to a not so great role model. (A "Mother of the Year" Award probably isn't coming to me anytime soon).

I never really knew how much she liked her until the December 2 performance on Good Morning America, which my mom was watching. She watches the news, and Britney just happened to be singing "Womanizer". Well Olivia ran to get her winter boots, the closest thing to "Britney Boots" she could find, and as she was singing the song, she was copying the moves. Not kidding. Now this would be funny if it were a one time thing.

Now she sings the song in the car. She demands it. She loves it. She also likes "Kill the Lights" off the new CD. She'll say, "Mama, I'm shaking my booty" as she's strapped in her car seat. She's tossing her hair and doing the arm waving around thing. I drive around town thanking god that the windows are tinted and people can't see what my 3 1/2 year old is doing in the back. All the while, Jackson is squealing because he loves watching Olivia do weird stuff.

So then there's this. I have photographic evidence of it all. I was cleaning the house, Matt was feeding Jackson on the couch- I have my Britney cd playing. Olivia literally ran to get her "high heels" and threw on her sweater vest and was dancing. She's watching herself in the tv, which was off. This is her "shaking her booty". You'll notice the hand on the hip there. (She also now puts her hand on the hip and makes a huffing noise when she's irritated with us)

Here's another "move" she's working on.
This is all pretty benign, but here's our conversation after "Womanizer" was done.
O: Mom, help me get my shirts off.
Me: Why, babe?
O: Because Britney doesn't wear shirts.
Me: WHAT?!
O: I want to be like Britney. I need Britney hair too.
Me: I don't think so. You're 3. No more Britney.
Instant wailing ensues. Oh man- I really thought I had at least 10 more years before this started. I laugh when she goes to bed because she is such a fun character. She reminds me of myself so much and I just thank my mom silently for being SO patient. (How did you do it, mom??) Days like this remind me when I came down from my room at age 14 wearing a black lace shirt (who knows where I got that) proclaiming myself ready for school. My mom looked at me, in my practically topless glory with more makeup than a hooker and told me to get my ass upstairs and put the clothes she bought me on. This must be what they talk about when they say raising girls is "a joy, but a challenge". I also notice this was never in the "What to Expect: Toddler Years"...

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