Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frozen Boogers and Missing Summer

Well this week has been particularly horrible getting the kids to my mom's before work. I've had to let the van run at least 20 minutes before moving it because both days so far have been -28 and -24 (respectively) when I've started the van. That sucks. And when you open the front door, Jackson just says "eeeee" and yesterday Olivia says, "mama, my boogers are frozen". Yes, kids- I understand. My eyeballs feel frozen, I can only imagine what a frozen booger feels like.

As we're walking up to the door at my mom's house (ok, it's more like a shuffle run where you run but shuffle your feet so you don't fall on the snow/ice) Olivia says, "Mama, I miss summer!!" Me too, kid. In fact I hear that comment several times a day now.

Everyone in our house pretty much hates winter. I am NOT outdoorsy by any means, and so far, my kids aren't either. Matt can handle it, but doesn't like it. He is born & breed up north so it's to be expected. I'm a Florida girl, always have been and always will be no matter where I'm living. Give me heat and humidity any day.

It's only supposed to get colder as the week goes on, so thank god I'm not going anywhere Friday. Well, I might be- but it'll be a dire decision if I do. This cold weather and snow is for the birds I say, and even they fly south!

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Anonymous said...

We're hoping this cold snap doesn't last too long.

Stay warm!