Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jackson. 9 months. Walking. Mom devastated

Is it wrong for me to discourage walking? I feel I'm entitled to Jackson staying a baby just a little bit longer. I just don't think that's wrong at all since I know that he is my last baby. Don't get me wrong- if we had the resources to have more and Matt was willing, I'd pump babies out like a puppy. I loved being pregnant, delivery, etc- so I know I'm not the average mommy. But knowing Jackson is my last I feel sad when he accomplishes his milestones with such excitement and pride in his face. Which is really ironic, but with Olivia I pushed her and tried to get her to get to the milestones faster and she didn't walk until 14 months. Ugh- so now it's happened- Jackson walked. He's not a dedicated walker, he takes steps here and there when he isn't cruising quickly around furniture- but he walks unassisted when he feels like giving it a go. The most we've seen are 10 steps before falling- but that's really good. Anyways- enough with my debbie downer spiel, here's the pictures I know you want to see:

Getting so big, so quickly! He loves his socks, so that's why he's eating them in every picture. :)

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Pretty Things said...

Aw, so sweet. Me, I had the opposite problem -- Zack didn't walk until 22 months. Luckily, he's a very very cautious child (he's six now) and we've had no ER trips yet!