Sunday, January 4, 2009

Olivia's last day of toddler school

As most of you know, my kids aren't in day care or preschool, my mom watches them every day while I'm working. (THANK YOU, MOM!!!). I love it- they spend time with Grandma and Grandpa (who are still quite young) and I don't have to worry about them not being played with, not enough attention, getting weird illnesses, etc. A big negative has been that they don't necessary get interaction with kids their own age. In the summer it's not a problem because Olivia talks and plays with kids at the park, we play with other friends of mine with kids, etc.

But because Olivia is shy and is nervous about playing with other kids outside of the park, I enrolled her in a once a week toddler class (free) that's about 2 hours long. The first session was good, nothing special. She had fun, learned some songs, got really good with coloring and crafty things, began sharing. This was GREAT because I was pregnant with Jackson and I wanted her to get used to other kids getting attention- worked fabulously.

The second session was the best EVER. Not only did I make new mommy friends, but Olivia made a friend. Her name is Marley. Marley even has a baby brother named Jack, who is like 4 or 5 months older than our Jackson. Olivia and Marley has the same personalities. And not only did Olivia make a friend her age, she is in love with Miss Cheryl, so is Marley. Miss Cheryl is an aide that occassionally is there for toddler class. She has two boys of her own, but always wanted a girl. Marley and Olivia always wanted to be with Miss Cheryl- they did crafts, they played, they talked, all together. It was great. I had tears because my baby could care less if I was there or not- she bonded. My absolute FAVORITE memory was when Olivia and Marley were playing in the sensory table with pom poms and Marley's brother Jack climbed up and tried taking them away from Marley. Marley got frustrated, and Aunt Krista came to the rescue. Well, Olivia put her hand on Marley's arm and says, "I know, brothers are just awful", and Marley says, "I know". :) HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!

So on the last day of toddler class, Olivia was so upset. Her and Marley hugged (a lot) and Olivia didn't want to leave. She hugged Miss Cheryl and refused to get off her lap for at least an hour. Miss Cheryl ate it up because she adores these girls. Luckily, I have Fridays off permanently, and Marley's aunt Krista watches the kids on Fridays- lots of playdates are sure to happen. I really hope these girls stay friends. It's so cute. Here are some pictures of the last day that I love: (oh yeah, Santa & Mrs. Clause came that day too)

Olivia on Miss Cheryl's lap:

Marley & Olivia playing with sequins on the floor:

Olivia & Marley hugging at the end of class as they always do:

Marley and Olivia waiting to get a sticker from Miss Cheryl before leaving:
It was such a great session and I'm sad that she isn't doing it again. They have a 3-5 yr old class but it's in the evening at a school out in the country- not great for me. But I really hope that we can utilize their other classes and family events. I'm definitely going to sign Jackson up when he's older- he had fun in the chaos. :)

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