Wednesday, January 21, 2009


OK- so as most of you know, Olivia will be turning 4 on September 6th. She has never been in a daycare or pre-k program but has been taught by myself and my mom (who watches her when I work). She is SUPER smart, loves school, likes to learn, etc- she's on par with other 4 year olds academically right now in most areas.

My problem: Superior offers a 4 year old kindergarten half day program, free. In order to enroll, your child needs to be 4 as of September 1. There is a 5 day difference and so I am not sure whether to fight this to get her into the program in September, or if I should wait until 2010 when she's almost 5.

If I enroll her in fall '09, she'll be the youngest in her graduating class. If I enroll her in fall '10, she'll be 19 when she graduates. Which is worse? I feel like she is more than able to do well in the program this year. I haven't even called the District yet to see if the birth date is really set in absolute stone, or if they can give a little.

What should I do? Try to enroll this year, or wait until next??


threesidesofcrazy said...

I'd go for the early if you think she's ready. There's less of a stigma to be early than to graduate at 19. I know many programs will grant waivers for just a few days. When we were kids, my girlfriends folks got them to waive 3 months for her and she grew just fine.

Sara Strand said...

I know- I keep thinking how awful to be 19 and graduating...

Anonymous said...

I guess I would call the district first to see what the protocol is for starting early. I think there are usually tests (and possibly $$) involved.

Next, I would look at her size. If she is going to be literally the smallest in the class, then I would wait out the year.

I have never known of a stigma being attached to a 19-year-old graduating. I guess I never really paid all that much attention to that.

You could always see how next year goes and keep her in 4-year-old kindergarten for two years if she doesn't seem ready to move on.

Good luck! Make that phone call, you probably have to get started on the process sooner than later.