Saturday, January 17, 2009

Parking Lot Wars

(You'll notice this entry is in RED. From here on out, anything in RED is me complaining about something.)

You know- it never ceases to amaze me that once a couple of inches of snow hit the ground people totally forget how to drive. Not just on the road- but in parking lots. It amazes me that people, for whatever reason, think that once you are in a parking lot you are supposed to disregard all rules of the road. It drives me insane.

Especially people who have lived here all of their lives. The turn lanes have been turn lanes since the road was created, yet when there is snow- we suddenly forget that you get in a turn lane if you want to turn. The light changes from red to green- and people panic. "Oh god, it's green- what do we do??". I also love it when you pull into a parking lot and notice that instead of diagonal parking- everybody parks horizontal. Really people? Have you EVER seen horizontal parking lines in this parking lot? Do you think the parking line fairy came once it snowed and changed the layout of the lot? I also love parking only to come out a while later to see that you are between cars. OK- so whoever parked last didn't notice there are 2 cars in front of him?? Did you think I planned on spending the night? Or what about the people who take more than one space. OK- "Mr. I drive a beat up Toyota Camry"- do you really think your rusted out car with a donut tire justifies 3 spaces? Really? Or the people trying to squeeze into the perfect spot even though there is no room for the next person to open their door, let alone get a kid in a car seat. Oh- what about the people trying to park while on the cell phone?

OH- and I really can't stand it when it's -30 and you are trying to cross the parking lot to get to the store door and NOBODY will stop for you. No, the people in their cars with the heat blasting give you the finger because we're trying to run for our lives into the store with two kids. Really?

I'm not kidding you- my road rage instantly doubles in January. December isn't so bad, I'm in the Xmas spirit and all that fuzzy warm stuff, so I'm a little more lenient. But in January I just loose it. I can't take it. My parking lot fury is nothing new- Lisa can attest to my drawings of the idiot who drove the red grand prix to the work parking lot everyday, parking in the opposite diagonal as everyone else and taking 4 spots so the rest of us had to park on the street. There is no reason for this.

I'm stepping off my soap box now. :)

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Latharia said...

All I can say is AMEN!!!! I, too, am mystified about people's inability to retain even a shred of common sense when snow is on the ground. It's like their brains freeze & they can't use them.