Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random Jackson Cuteness

I feel pretty bad that I haven't had any pictures of Jackson lately, not that I don't have any! I have so many pictures of both kids it's ridiculous. It's definitely over the top. But for some reason, I just usually run out of time before I can post anything of Jackson. So here's his update on what he is up to:

Matt, me and Jackson on Xmas Eve at Matt's parents house

1. He is SO close to walking. He just turned 9 months on 12/4/08, so I'm stunned. Olivia was crawling at 10 months, walking at 14. I'm not ready!! Jackson will stand up in one place unassisted. He "cruises" along furniture. Can run if you hold his hands. He has a push walker thing at our house and at my mom's which he uses sometimes. I would also like to say that he is so short right now- he's just too small to be walking. :)

2. He climbs on EVERYTHING. It's enough to start heart failure sometimes. He's pretty sneaky and creative about it too. He's figured out how to push things together to make a "ladder" to get even higher. Horrifying.

Jackson shaking maraca like it's nobody's business- Xmas Eve 08

3. Today he said "wubba wubba" which I thought was just cute. Well "wubba wubba" actually means "bottle". We figured this out after he practically threw himself out of Matt's arms onto the counter towards a dirty bottle. Adorable. :)

4. He babbles a lot when Olivia isn't around. He's not super quiet, he screeches and screams a lot, but when she's gone, holy man! That kid is putting sounds together and being a complete cutie. He's said "dada" for awhile now, but the "mama" sound is new as of a month ago- so now he says it a lot. I love it.

5. He is constantly up my butt. Seriously. He hangs on to the back of my legs if I'm still for a few seconds. He will pull so hard sometimes my pants fall down. Luckily- this hasn't happened outside of the house. :) But my mom and I joke that sometimes he loves us TOO much!

6. He now has 3 teeth (two bottom, one on top) and he's working on his other top one. Poor kid has such a hard time with the teething. Olivia was never bad- you never knew she was teething until she chomped down on your finger. But Jackson seems to suffer through it and wants to be held. We can't tell if it's the teeth so much or the separation anxiety. Whoever he's with he wants to be held. If you put him down- he will literally chase you down until you pick him up again.

7. He also carries things (mostly his socks) in his mouth around the house. He looks like a puppy. I'm going to try to get a picture of it- it's cute.

OK- that seems to be all that I can think of. I PROMISE to get some more Xmas pictures up this week and more of Jackson.


Jen Mc said...

Wonderful pictures - he's getting SO big! :) He's got to keep up with his big sister....

Theresa Marie said...

He's SO cute! Audrey took her first steps when she turned 9 months.... I think they grow up so much faster when they walk early! LOL Or so it seems :)