Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fun Picture

This is the scene every night at our house. I pick up the kids at my mom's house and when we come home they are so excited to see Dad. Matt is so great with them- he carries Jackson around pretty much all of the time and Olivia is totally in love with her dad. This was taken yesterday which was a rough day. No naps for either kid, Jackson has a cold and is teething, Olivia is having potty accidents again and I didn't feel good. So as I'm cleaning up the kitchen and putting our lunch boxes and dishes away I saw Matt carrying both kids and had to snap a picture. On even my worst days (which yesterday was one with work drama) these guys are what keep me sane and keep me waking up each morning. I don't care about how clean my house is, I'd rather spend time with them. I know one day Matt won't be able to carry them everywhere and they probably will want to be with their friends over us, so I'm trying to enjoy these times as much as I can.

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Love it.