Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just Jackson- 10 months

Can you believe Jackson is 10 months old already? I certainly can't! I remember this time last year I was contemplating when I'd be having the baby, I thought for sure it'd be the end of March. This is about the time where Jackson pretty much stopped moving and I was in for ultrasounds practically every other week. Awful. But anyways- here are some pictures of my cutie from this afternoon, eating his favorite cookies:

Sure, I'll have a bite. :)

I love his expression here! :) He totally looks like that baby from those online stock trading commercials!

OK- so what is Jackson doing now? Well he's a great walker, will walk all of the time. He likes to walk holding hands, which is adorable. He's got a very sweet personality and loves to be cuddled. He can be a stinker, and you usually know it because he gets this goofy grin on his face right before he does something. He has two teeth on bottom and 3 1/2 on top (the 4th is working it's way out) and bites HARD! He likes Elmo and things that roll. He also likes shaking things and listening to the sound. He doesn't talk, we get a lot of the "yayaya's" and once in awhile we hear a mama or dada. Olivia does most of the talking for him. He will eat just about anything, which is great, but his favorite is spaghetti. He gets excited when he sees my orange dutch oven come out- that's always my spaghetti pot. Plus, when we strip him down to a diaper for dinner he knows his noodles are coming! LOL! He's basically the perfect baby. Really, I'm not saying it just because he's MY perfect baby, but because he really is. He has the best personality, temperment, etc and it just is such a joy to have him. What was life like without him?

So now we're in party planning mode for his first birthday. He'll have a blast with the cake, I can already see it! Oh- and we had to turn his car seat around today. His poor legs grew over the last couple of days so they were totally squished up against the back of the seat. Poor kid. He was SCREAMING when I put him in because he couldn't move his legs. I don't blame him. So we had to turn him around and he was so happy. You could hear him going "eeeeee" (the sound he makes when he's getting into something) and he's dancing in his seat. Too cute. Oh, and he shakes his legs like it's nobody's business now. :)

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