Thursday, February 12, 2009

Party Frenzy

As much as I love throwing parties, I feel like MAYBE I bit off too much. March and April are going to be party mania.

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Here is my tentative schedule. Of course, more will probably be added. Spring is another word for party, right??

March 15- My 27th birthday party/crop & craft all day party/potluck
March 28- Jackson's 1st birthday party.
April 4- Jackson's actual birthday small party at home
April 25- Spring Time Family Party (looking for volunteers, yall!!)

Oy- I have a lot of work ahead of me. I'm not too worried- I think it'll be fun. I don't have a ton to do for each party and I am hoping to get at least one, maybe two volunteers for the family party and if I'm lucky, I can get some helpers for Jackson's party in March.

So put on your party hats folks (on top of your winter hats if needed) and let's party!


Latharia said...

Spring IS another word for party! We've got packed schedules for the last half of February & all of March, already! :D And don't get me started on May! :D

Sheryl said...

Can't wait for your party on March 15th!!!