Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend To-Do's

Hi everyone!! I have yet ANOTHER jam packed weekend. Here are my plans:

1. Print pictures- I have a ton waiting to get developed
2. Post stuff on here- TONS of cute pictures to post of the kids
3. Scrapbook! I've got the itch now that I've cleaned my closet (more to come on that)
4. Make a potty game for Olivia. We're having issues with pottying again- I've got a plan (more on that, too)
5. Make menu for the next two weeks (will post as well)
6. Clean! I have a lot more to clean now that I'm on my "spring has to come soon" kick.
7. Finish "Northern Lights" by Nora Roberts- so far, so good
8. Shop with Lisa (I'll let you know the final damage of THAT!)
9. Finish girl brag book (will post here before putting it on eBay)
10. Learn how to sell on eBay- got tips? LET ME KNOW!!

Stay tuned, folks!

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