Tuesday, March 10, 2009

27 years... so far

Today I am turning the big 2-7. Not super monumental but fun anyways despite the fact that I had a raging sore throat and a migraine that I have successfully gotten rid of thanks to lots of meds. :) But now it's snowing and we're in teh middle of a storm so we'll see about tomorrow. I had to take half a day off Monday because Olivia was sick, I was sick today, and now I might not be at work if there is a ton of snow and -50. Very unproductive week at work to say the least.

For my birthday I got my iPod from Matt and the kids, Travis (my lil' bro) got the docking station for my van (YAY!!), and my parents got me a funky necklace and a small Smurfette. :) I had a very cool birthday overall despite being sick. I have my self thrown party on Sunday at my house- I am scrapbooking ALL DAY with my friends. :) I'm super excited about that and look forward to ordering some new goodies from Stampin! Up.

For those who have asked- my revamped tackle box is coming. I have finally found some paper that matches the pee yellow/gold color of the box since spray paint and other coloring options didn't work the way I hoped. I'm having to embrace the horrible color and work with it- which is turning into a challenge. It'll be cute though- still don't know what I am going to do with it yet!

I joined my old monthly stamp group again. A few years ago I participated in a monthly card swap/stamp group that I totally loved. I had to drop out because of life and not enough money in the budget to justify spending $20 each month of fun stuff. So now that things are better I got invited to join again and I'm super excited. It is such a great group of ladies and I really am looking forward to making some new friends.

Speaking of friends- I'm seriously on a role! I joined Curves last week, caught up with an old high school buddy, made a new mommy friend in Olivia's toddler class and feel super good this week. OK- so I have more pictures to post later this week, but for tonight I'm climbing back into bed! :)

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