Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Conversations with Olivia

I really need to be writing this stuff down in a book somewhere because I have some interesting conversations with Olivia. Usually when she's busy coloring and I'm scrapbooking (we do these together at the dining room table). Last night was no different, here's our convo about cows:

O: I think we need a pet cow.
M: Really? What would you do with a cow?
O: I would love it, pet it, and squeeze it.
M: Where would you squeeze it?
O: On it's belly mom. They puke when you do that.
M: Oh I didn't know that. Did you know that's where milk comes from?
O: EEWW!! That's disgusting mom.
M: Sorry, but true.
O: Well daddy and I are building a cow bed tomorrow. And a house.
M: Oh- really? Does daddy know this?
O: Of course, it was his idea.
M: What are you going to feed the cow? He might get hungry.
O: Mama! You have to feed it water and cheerios. They like o's.
M: That's it? Just water and o's?
O: Well, if he goes potty he can have a m. (m= m&m's)

:) she is such a character!

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