Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Last Week...

So sorry I've been a total blogger reject lately! We have all been really sick and are just coming out of the germ induced coma. Wew've been busy, had fun, but sick along the way! Here's a quick recap of it all:

Last Saturday a good friend of mine, Kelli, threw a fab party for her daughter Sophia who turned 2! I sympathize with winter birthdays because you are really limited as far as things to do up here- but we all have cabin fever and it's a happy day when we have a party to go to! Sophia was adorable as usual, and the kids all had a blast! Jackson toddled around and Olivia made a new friend, Sonja, who's mom is one of Kelli's friends. It was fun all around and it's nice to meet new people!
Jackson being super cute. (Sorry blogger is being ghetto about pictures again.)
Olivia and her new friend:

Then it has been relatively nice this week so Matt has been helpful and picked the kids up from my mom's house for me. Thankfully we live close enough to her (about 7 blocks or so) that we can walk. Jackson was THRILLED because he hasn't really been outside a whole lot. Olivia walked like a big girl (only tripped on her feet once) and Jackson got to ride the very easy to push car we got as a gift last year.

Jackson driving:

Olivia hugging the snowman which is frozen into our grass still
That's pretty much been it. This week will be crazy again but that's ok. I am prepping for Jackson's first birthday party on Saturday. Ugh- I can't even talk about it. I'm so depressed- my baby won't stop growing!! Olivia is thrilled and keeps asking if we'll have cake. :)

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