Monday, March 2, 2009

Notes for the Day

I'm pretty excited to find out we are getting a Savers in Duluth. You can see their website at - it's basically an upscale Goodwill from what I told. Many weekends of treasure hunting are fast approaching me! They open the first weekend in April I guess. Yay!

Here is something disturbing. So this weekend my husband and I are watching TV, between 6 and 7 pm when this weird commerical came on. Honestly, I thought it was a Saturday Night Live preview or sketch but it was for real. It's for the website . I am not even kidding. They are advertising themselves basically for one night stands. Seriously. So being curious, I went online to see if this is real, and it absolutely is. I put in stuff for the Duluth area, and THERE WERE PEOPLE ON THERE!!!!! Can you believe this?? How is this legal? Isn't this kind of like prostitution, which is illegal? So then I looked for Superior (where I live) and I found someone I knew from high school! Yuck. How sad is this?

I also started researching stuff for our trip to Bayfield, WI for our anniversary getaway. I am so excited considering we'll be married 5 years this June and we have NEVER done anything for our anniversary. Every year I've either been pregnant, sick, or we were fighting. Keeping my fingers crossed for this year! But one of my goals this year was to go kayaking through sea caves. I'm not athletic in the least so that should be a challenge. I also read that it is 6.5 miles of paddling. Poor Matt has his work cut out for him because we all know my ass ain't paddling! :) hehe!!

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Latharia said...

I'm stunned that it's legit to advertise that site ... and at that hour?! WOW!

I do hope your getaway plans come to fruition & you both have a fabulous time!