Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Pictures, Updates

Hey yall! I know- I've neglected you, but I can't say that I'm sorry. I've just been busy. I've also been pissing and moaning about life in general and nobody wants to hear that. I've avoided you for your own sanity. You can thank me later.
So here's the updates from the fam:
1. Jackson is one. I believe we have discussed this in length. I'm still depressed about it. My mom said he's a combination of my twin uncles Danny and David- which means he's a monster, but at least he is being cute about it. That might count for something someday.

2. We had 3 days of semi-summer. Yup, that's it. Usually about this time I like to say it's about to get hot up in this bitch, but this year I'm not so sure. It's a sick game Mother Nature is playing and I'm not happy. Here's proof that the sun still exists.

Here's Jackson before he ate the chalk. Lots of colored puke and poop happened later:

Olivia being cute as usual:

3. We went to Splashland in Ashland with some friends, had a great time. I don't get to visit with Tammy as much as I would like to. Plus, Kennedy is 5. Seriously- I'm aging here and that's sad. And at 5, Kennedy is half my height. Which is even worse I think. Not only am I aging, but I feel as if I'm shrinking. Oh, and Olivia pooped in the pool. No joke. She came out of the pool, holding her butt, dripping the entire way. Disgusting. Luckily, Matt was on bodily fluid patrol that weekend, as he is pretty much anytime someone's fluids get out of hand. It's kind of nice. I can sit there and act like these people aren't with me.

Olivia and Jackson playing with goggles they stole. Seriously. Jacksons tears on demand helped them get away with the crime.

4. Jackson learned how to take off his diaper and run. Sorry folks, no pictures of that for obvious reasons.

5. I have been crafty lately although you would never know it since my lazy ass hasn't been on here posting anything. I also haven't taken pictures of everything, but you know what- it's my blog, I'm in charge of this joint and that's how I roll.
Congratulations card for my card group:
6. Olivia is also so constipated I'm preparing myself to do suppositories tonight. Yuck. Seriously- nowhere in the "Mom To Be Manual" did it discuss suppositories, enemas or rectal thermometers. I firmly believe that had those been in there I would have negotiated a better salary. Motherhood has a false advertisement if you ask me. Not to mention Jackson's boogers which are thick enough to be caulking.
Olivia and her full of poop tummy.
So that's it folks. Have a great week, perhaps I'll have more exciting news about poop and puke this weekend...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well I am yet again preparing myself to read Breaking Dawn. This will be my second time. It is also the second time I'm preparing and wondering how to deal with the grieving process of ending a great book series. Most addicts I've talked to (of the Twilight series) tell me you never get over it, and hope to god Stephenie Meyer gets her shit together to continue the series. I don't care if they make movies past the first 4 books- I just want more books. Movies are great, but I prefer the books. Quite honestly, I'm only watching the movies to drool over Robert. :)
Here's another picture of him because of course I can't get enough.
Isn't he perfect? My heart practically stops beating just looking at him. Good lord- anyone reading this blog lately wouldn't know I was a married woman. Keep it together Sara! Phew- I thought I was losing complete control there, but I think I got a handle on myself. Maybe.
Anyways- so I'm really frustrated that spring really isn't here yet. It's been cold, windy and wet. I'm sick of it. If I wanted this weather, I'd be in Seattle. I'm not. Instead, I'm in Wisconsin and it sucks. My body is going through serious sunlight withdrawls. I now know why tanning is so big up here. Nobody really wants to look like a carrot or wrinkly sweet potato- but it's lack of sunlight. It's killing me. The fact I'm debating on even going to a tanning bed, knowing full well I'm going to fry like an albino on the equator says something. Skin cancer doesn't phase me. I can get things removed. Which will look just swell when I'm older, but I'm hoping that I have enough saggy skin to hide any scars. :) I've already given up my jacket. Once I do that- mentally I think I'm forcing warmer weather to come. And I'm angry at myself as I'm driving to work with no jacket and it's only 33 (if I'm lucky) outside.
Oh jesus. I wish I could keep writing but now I get to go clean up cat puke. Again. Next time I'll write about the downside to having a cat with allergies and self image issues. I'm wondering if my cat is bulimic or something. Gross.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I love Robert

OK- so Robert Pattinson is hot, there is no exception to that. He's gorgeous. In my next life, he's mine- that's all there is to it. I need to start working out to fight off the mass crowds all vowing the same thing. :) But if you don't know who he is, you must be living in a dark hole somewhere and for that- I feel sorry for you. You see, you are missing out on a very fine piece of male that is Robert Pattinson. My sweet Robert. :) Wouldn't we make an adorable couple??

Anywho- who's blog is this anyway? I know- I'm being a blog reject. I have excuses, though!

1. My sister in law, Kate, has gotten me addicted to the Twilight series. Then I watched the movie (very blah, underwhelming for me, aside from my love, Robert of course). I am buying the books and I'm re-reading the series again. I now have a very unrealistic expectation of what my husband should be doing. Poor Matt.

2. We went to Ashland last weekend for a mini-vacation with some good friends of ours. It was fun, it was cold, but we swam and ate mediocre pizza. Can you really ask for anything more? OH- and Tammy had a gossip mag with Robert in it. Even better!

3. Jackson turned one, I had to get his pictures (coming soon) and his checkup done. Both kids have been sick on/off.

4. I am having a marital situation and trying to figure out what to do. HUGE thank you to my friends (some old, some new) that have been really great and listening to me whine daily (Lisa, Nikki, Kelli). You really don't know how much I appreciate it. :)

5. I've neglected all of my regular friends, blog friends, family and co-workers because I am too absorbed with the Twilight series and my sweet Robert. Sorry folks! But really- you can't feel badly that I'm passing you all up for Robert, he's just too handsome. :) LOL!
6. I'm obsessed with the Twilight soundtrack too, of course. I listen to it on repeat several times a day. I like soundtracks for two reasons: 1. i like to visualize the music intertwined with the movie and 2. i find bands that I like that i maybe wouldn't have noticed before.
7. Kate promises to bring me a copy of the Twilight Score, and then Paramore CD's.
8. Olivia now loves Paramore. Huge step up from Britney. Of course we listen to "I Caught Myself" every day to/from my mom's house of the Twilight Soundtrack.
9. Lisa tells me if I get a Twilight tattoo, I'm disowned. Matt says I can't have a Robert poster in our bedroom. Apparently, it would feel weird from him. Honestly, it shouldn't all be about him. I have needs too. :) LOL.
10. I'm debating on starting a fund for people to donate to so that I can go to the set of Eclipse when it starts filming, which I believe is late 2009/early 2010 in Vancouver. I would love to go so I can be one of the many crazies stalking Robert. :)
OK- so hopefully yall will forgive me. I believe these are all good reasons to temporarily neglect you. More will come soon.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fun Pictures

Here are some fun stupid pictures I took tonight. We're a fun stupid family that does fun stupid things on a nightly basis. Tonight we had a party in the bathtub. Well, only Jackson and Olivia did- but fun was had by all. :)
I had another funny picture of Jack to post, but you can see his pee pee and I don't want to get reported by some crazy person. He's figured out how to play with himself and tries to pull it off. Olivia keeps asking when his is going to fall off and quite honestly- the "it's not going to" answer does not make her happy. She says it's weird to have floppy parts. Agreed.

Another funny tidbit from Olivia was the hysterics that ensued when she found out she had a hole in her butt. I guess I can see how this can be scary but since we've gone through the "why is there a hole in the front" thing- I thought the butt hole would be a non-issue. She's very afraid stuff is going to fall out. I decided to not traumatize her and explain that's where the poop comes from because she's totally potty trained and I do not want another regression!!

Oh- I totally forgot. So most of you might know how scared Olivia is of bugs. Can't blame her- they are pretty gross but even I can handle ladybugs. Unless they fly near by face, then all bets are off. Well today she saw a ladybug on the cupboard and was trying to poke it. I told her to just touch it, but Jackson saw it. The bug fell to the ground and Olivia promptly asks, "Where is it?" and I said, trying to be funny, "Oh! It's on your back!" She FREAKED OUT!!!! She started running, crying "get it off!!!". I couldn't stop laughing. I know that's probably not the best thing to do but I couldn't help it. After 30 minutes she settled down and forgave me but not before saying, "don't you ever do that again. That was terrible news." :)

Jackson Turns One

Well he doesn't officially turn one until this Saturday, but we celebrated with a fun party last Saturday. He actually did really well and Olivia was so awesome- I could not have asked for a better day! Here are some fun pictures recapping his big day:
Jackson getting his cake- after Matt accidentally snapped the hat elastic on his chin. You'll notice the hat is nowhere in this picture.

After the cake:


So since you can't see everything here, Jackson got a new outfit, some Elmo books, Elmo cups, cars and car toys, puzzles, a train, and this cool ride on turtle. He had a really good time and all of the kids had fun with balloons and just running around. Olivia was so excited to help Jackson out with the tearing stuff open and was THRILLED that Jackson really liked the sound Elmo books she picked out for him. He squealed and she just had this totally happy look on her face. :) Adorable.
OK- so he's one now which means my baby is growing up. It's pretty bittersweet since although I'm thrilled that the projectile vomiting and explosive poops are for the most part over I'm sad that the "baby" stage is over, too. I can't say I'm glad the sleepless nights are gone because as we all know I'm not the one doing the waking up at 1 am, that's always been Matt (and will be if by miracle he gives the OK for baby #3- don't hold your breath folks). Thank god he can function on little to no sleep because I can't. :) But it is fun to have both kids mobile and growing up because I'm really looking forward to the horrible road trips with everyone screaming. Our family will be, I'm just sure of it, the family on all of the National Lampoon movies. Seriously- that is our family. Except I think the mom & dad roles are reversed since I'm usually the upbeat, positive person in the family where Matt is a grump about everything.
Well anywho. Jackson is one. Olivia is going to be four in September. I'm 27 this year. Matt is staring down 29 in August. 30 is playing chicken with us and we aren't ready for it.