Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Well I am yet again preparing myself to read Breaking Dawn. This will be my second time. It is also the second time I'm preparing and wondering how to deal with the grieving process of ending a great book series. Most addicts I've talked to (of the Twilight series) tell me you never get over it, and hope to god Stephenie Meyer gets her shit together to continue the series. I don't care if they make movies past the first 4 books- I just want more books. Movies are great, but I prefer the books. Quite honestly, I'm only watching the movies to drool over Robert. :)
Here's another picture of him because of course I can't get enough.
Isn't he perfect? My heart practically stops beating just looking at him. Good lord- anyone reading this blog lately wouldn't know I was a married woman. Keep it together Sara! Phew- I thought I was losing complete control there, but I think I got a handle on myself. Maybe.
Anyways- so I'm really frustrated that spring really isn't here yet. It's been cold, windy and wet. I'm sick of it. If I wanted this weather, I'd be in Seattle. I'm not. Instead, I'm in Wisconsin and it sucks. My body is going through serious sunlight withdrawls. I now know why tanning is so big up here. Nobody really wants to look like a carrot or wrinkly sweet potato- but it's lack of sunlight. It's killing me. The fact I'm debating on even going to a tanning bed, knowing full well I'm going to fry like an albino on the equator says something. Skin cancer doesn't phase me. I can get things removed. Which will look just swell when I'm older, but I'm hoping that I have enough saggy skin to hide any scars. :) I've already given up my jacket. Once I do that- mentally I think I'm forcing warmer weather to come. And I'm angry at myself as I'm driving to work with no jacket and it's only 33 (if I'm lucky) outside.
Oh jesus. I wish I could keep writing but now I get to go clean up cat puke. Again. Next time I'll write about the downside to having a cat with allergies and self image issues. I'm wondering if my cat is bulimic or something. Gross.

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