Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attention Alcoholics

Are you an alcoholic? Do you like to drink wine? Do you want to be able to multi-task while drinking your wine? Well then do I have the product for you!

The good folks at Sky Mall Home Living (you know, the magazine in the airplanes that you know you read cover to cover) have come up with an ingenious way to continue drinking as much as you want and still do the things you need to do. How annoying is it when you are just so thirsty, but you also have to put laundry in the wash? I know with struggling to cook dinner with both hands AND drink. It's just too much to ask- so thank you, Sky Mall for saving the day. You probably can't do any quick movements, I mean the last thing you need is spilling your drink everywhere- I'm all about conservation you know. I mean this is really the wave of the future. If gives a whole new meaning to BYOB.

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