Monday, June 1, 2009

Yay Robert

A big congratulations is in order for Robert and the cast of Twilight! They won 6 out of 7 awards they were nominated for at the MTV Movie Awards. I usually don't watch these awards since I never watch movies so I don't know who to root for, but this year I not only watched but I voted ahead of time.
Rob filming for "New Moon"- the scene where he tries to kill himself by revealing his vampireness to regular folks with the Volturi around. HOT HOT HOT

So I watched and I was so excited. Plus, the performances from Eminiem and Kings of Leon were really good too so that was just a bonus. After Robert and Cam Gigadet won the award for Best Fight- I literally lost my shit. OK, so I didn't poop everywhere but I was bouncing on my chair (which cost me $500 when I bought it two years ago) and it busted. Like I heard something snap. Matt was pissed when we took off the bottom and realized that not only were the springs ruined, but the board that is like the bottom of the chair snapped. Luckily, Matt has so much crap in the garage he was able to fix it... kind of. It's not as comfortable, but it works. So after breaking the chair I just had to have, Matt told me I had to sit on the floor. Well, that sucks because I feel like a kindergartner getting ready for Sesame Street, so I sat on my exercise ball. This was ingenious because I got a GREAT workout by bouncing like a lunatic everytime they won. It also reinforces the fact that I need to lose some weight. When you break furniture with your ass, that's never a good thing.

I also laughed hysterically when loser Kristen Stewart DROPPED HER AWARD after winning the female performance. How she won, I'll never know, because she sucks.

OH!!! And when Twilight won best movie- I swear Catherine Hardwicke (the Director) was totally drunk accepting the award. She slurred it and tried getting everyone to say "Stephanie Meyers" (the author) at the same time and only like two people did, and the rest looked really uncomfortable being up there with her and her crazy. And I'm sorry- but what the hell was she wearing? What the hell was KStew wearing? Really? A miniskirt with sneakers???We get it, you are punk rock and so much cooler than the rest of us. At least brush your damn hair.

So enough of my crazy ranting. Thought you'd enjoy a topless picture of Robert. Isn't her gorgeous? Seriously- I would hit that. :) LOL!!

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Sam said...

Why has nobody posted on this yet?
I had to find out how you broke the chair. I broke a metal chair at work once, I was leaning back and the legs just slowly bent in, and I slowly fell backwards, I had plenty of time to jump up, but it was one of those times where you know what is happening but your so shocked to do anything about it. :)