Monday, July 13, 2009

Bloggie News- Blog Candy!!!

Hi everyone! So in order to increase my "readership" (is that a word? If not, I just made it up on purpose.) (OK- how many of you are pulling out your dictionary??)... I am going to start a Blog Candy Goodie Box to one reader, maybe two, maybe more- we'll just have to see. :) HAHA!!

So in order to win this prize- you must:

1. Leave a comment on this post.
2. Tell me what your favorite post of mine is/was (you can go all the way back to the beginning if you really really want to). (OPTIONAL)
3. Become a "Follower" (haven't you always wanted to be in a cult? Now you can be! It's a cult of the cool kids obviously).
4. And leave your contact information! I hate when people leave a post, thinking they are going to be a winner and cool and then leave no way for me to contact YOU. Because YOU COULD BE A WINNER!! (Imagine me with my best Ed McMahon smile right now only I'm not going to be holding a huge cardboard fake check. Sorry.)

From those people who follow all of the rules I will pick my favorite entry and send that person a really fun, handmade prize(s) (it's a surprise, yo- you can't know if you get one thing or many). THEN, as a bonus, I will randomly pick another person to get a different package.

It's all mysterious, lambs- but I assure you it'll be fun. Plus- who doesn't like getting stuff in the mail?? You may be wondering- why? Why is this neurotic crazy lady doing this? Has she lost her home and is trying to get rid of stuff? No, but if you refer back to my 30/30 list you'll see #3 is to write a book. Oh yes, I am doing it- but in order to do it and (gasp!!!) maybe even get it published (even if I am doing it myself on the work photocopier...HAHA!!) I have to have an audience, right? So pass the word my friends- because I promise you- if I actually finish the book (which is required to cross it off the 30/30 list...kind of the point of the list ya know?) and get it published (a bonus!) I will have lots of fun things for yall. Enough of my rambling. It's the end of the day- give me a break. :P

OK- so the deadline to enter and start praying that you too can be a winner is SATURDAY, JULY 18. Oh that's right- I am not going to make you wait long. :) I'll even mail the boxes out Monday, July 20 and you can salivating in anticipation over the weekend because I am good to you. :) Pass the word along my readerettes. (Now I KNOW that word is made up!)


Anonymous said...

I'll go first!

My favorite post was the Jen Lancaster book reviews of Bitter is the New Black and Bright Lights! Funny stuff.

Sheryl said...

Okay...I am posting!! I had to be part of this contest...this is one of the best blogs that I read faithfully. I am always laughing and I mean laughing out loud at Sara's comments.

My favorite blog story has to be the kayaking story. Your anniversary this year and you were soooo excited about this trip and you even shopped for new clothes and everything...LOL!!! Funny story...sorry Sara...I know you wanted it to turn out differently but if it had been perfect, it would not make such a good chapter in your book!!!

I think you have all of my info...LOL!!!

Stephanie Evans said...

I, too, am an avid reader of your blog and TOTALLY laugh out loud! You have a knack for humorous writing and I really believe you are going to be able to cross #3 off of your list! I'm with Sheryl on the favorite blog story...I felt so bad that the trip didn't go well at all, but I couldn't help myself from laughing because I could totally HEAR you saying all of those things!

If I win, save the postage and come over and see my new scrap room in person! LOL!

The Treadler said...

I guess I'm all over the map with favorites. I too love your sense of humor but found May 11, 2009 "Dear David" extremely touching and memorable. I also thought the compassion you expressed in "It Sucks Being Poor" was great.

On the lighter side, again more favorites, more than I'll mention here but have to state an all-time hit with me was Jan. 28, 2009 Jackson the "Sock Sucker"! Loved it!
Keep 'em coming!

jen22178 said...

Ok, I have to agree with Sheryl and Stephanie, I was laughing hystarically when I was reading the kayak story because I could picture you guys like I was there! I am at your house enough (or used to be anyway!) to know exactly how you were feeling! I know, it sucks because you were so excited to do something new and out of your comfort zone (nature & Sara don't usually go together in a sentance!), but at least you have good writing material from it!

I really think you can make your book work! You are a very talented writer and for sure have enough drama to write about!

I hope you have all my info, otherwise we have problems!

Jen Mc said...

I can only pick one favorite post???!!! You crack me up, girly! :D
I would agree that I think the kayaking story would probably be one of the best ones.
I will e-mail you my info daahling....

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