Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas In July Swap Results!!

I had a lot of fun participating in my FIRST swap that Angie from Antics With Angie held on her blog. Thanks so much Angie for hosting an awesome swap- your hard work I'm sure is totally appreciated by everyone who played along.

I also need to say thank you to James from I Don't Have Any Easter Music because he was my swap partner and not only did an awesome job but he has inadvertently brought me a piece of childhood I've been looking for for pretty much forever. What am I talking about? Moon Pies, bitches. Specifically, banana ones. OK- I hate bananas, but these taste nothing like bananas and I love them, can't buy them anywhere around here. There are knock off things that are kind of like moon pies around here, but NOTHING comes close to the real thing. You Northern folks have no idea how fabulous these are and you never will until you travel south, well to Tennessee at least. I ate that thing so fast, actually before I opened the rest of the package. :) I remember when my mom worked at Circle K in Florida, she'd bring these home and I would totally eat them in the middle of the night. YUM.

Anyways- he also sent me awesome TN goodies that make me want to for sure stop on our RoadTrip Across Part Of America, otherwise known as the Trip To Florida In A Van With 2 Toddlers From Hell. Olivia has taken my conductor hat, and Jackson has taken my stuffed animal. I'm left with the food (which I grabbed before anyone noticed it obviously) and my coffee mug with tree ornament. And guess what, James? I bet you didn't know that I collect Xmas Ornaments and have a book in which I document where each one came from and the story behind it? Oh yes I do and this one is going in it!

James and Bylinda did an awesome job on my package, I loved it, and I only hope they liked what I sent them. What did they get? Well candy of course (and you need to know that it as a struggle for me to not eat it as it sat next to my mailing station for a week...that's willpower) a variety of handmade cards and a handmade picture frame. Oh- and a postcard from here. The next time that I go up the North Shore, I'm hitting up the gift shops and sending MN/WI goodies their way. :)


Shannon said...

I've lived in TN for over 20 years (in fact, Bylinda is a very good IRL friend of mine!)... but I do not like MoonPies! At all! I'm not a very big fan of marshmallow, LOL!

Enjoy your goodies!

Ann said...

Glad you enjoyed your goodies! :D

Laufa said...

We had a Circle K near where we grew up too, in Rockledge, FL. Glad you got a great swap partner and gifts. Enjoy your moonpies!

Bylinda and James said...

I had a really great time with this swap and I think that the gifts you sent are amazing. The cards are awesome and I have the frame on my desk at work. Thanks!