Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm a Winner (no, really, I am)

YAY!!! Normally I would take this time to discuss my penchant for losing stuff, but this post will be different for I am a Winner!!!

About a month ago I posted about a contest going on over at The Treadler on how you could get your own handmade wool finger puppet. I'm a sucker for anything cute and funny, so I of course put myself into the hat. My two puppet options were either a mini Robert Pattinson (and I mean, who wouldn't want that???) or my alter ego, Suzy the Floozy (and really, I think the name speaks for itself, don't you?). Well Miss Suzy THE Floozy was the winner and I am so incredibly excited to get a finger puppet! Is there finger puppet insurance? I'm suddenly worried Suzy may be abducted. Of course, when Suzy comes home to her momma (that's me, because I'm a WINNER) I will post pictures of her and her new home (my desk at work).

She will be in charge of security for me and will be giving stink eye to the losers who walk past my office picking their nose thinking I can't see out the glass window. Oh yes, this could be great fun. :) HEHE!! I did have to promise not to use her for evil, but if she does it on her own free will I'm not liable, right??


Sara said...

LOL Did I help? Congrats! And super cute idea.

Maggi said...

lol That is so neato! Congrats on the win!