Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Hair. Again. I'm Sorry. But hey- I'm a Winner. Again. I'm Sorry.

I'm just going to apologize because I know I'm a freak and I obsess over really dumb things. But look at my hair...

It's lighter, right? Like am I losing my mind? And although it doesn't look like it here, the blond is evenly distributed so I don't look like a striped freak or something. And it's even more drastic in the daytime. Or maybe my eyesight is better in the daytime. Weird. Anyways..
Sidenote: I'm totally giving fierce lip action here. Top model material? No. But lip model? Maybe.

Anyways. I have to give props, appreciation and humble thanks to my blogger buddy Deeps (check out her blog!!) who is bestowing onto me an award.

So there was a whole whack of rules and let's face it: I don't like rules. But I am going to spread this award love to my original internet buddy, Jen of It's My Life. I have "known" here for oh god...how many years? I don't know, but it's been awhile. We exchanged holiday cards, I feel old watching her kids age, I like her blog, and she's just a great gal. So check her out.
And I would be remiss to forget Nikki from Whimsy Love and Theresa from The Treadler. Nikki has a great blog and puts my craftiness to shame. Plus, she's funny and we shared a love of the Twilight Series over the summer. And Theresa actually works down the hall from me, but her and I exhange blog excitement. Like when we actually get followers. Plus you MUST check out her blog- she's growing worms yall! I'm not even kidding. Do you have extra toilet paper rolls? She needs them. She's got 500 of these worm things needing play equipment. :)
And of course, my fans. :) I'm swooning for you, but I'm kind of tired. And in need of eye makeup remover (see above picture). And some food. And a nap. But the fans- YOU are why I continue writing.
See tomorrow's post about the sexual misconduct of weirdos in Superior. :)


Spardha Malik said...

ur hair looks lovely! told ya, u'll love it soon...

Deepika said...

ur hair makes you look so different!! N if i haven't said it already, i love ur blog! so cheers!! :D

Mama Kayla said...

looks lovely, dear

Marissa said...

Nice! It has a nice retro feel to it. I love that look!

Sebastian Anthony said...

I came by because I was curious about your 'awesome office supplies buyer' job.

I was mostly intrigued by how much you seem to like it...! Doesn't it just involve taking stock counts... and ordering more pencils?

Or is it just neat because you get to unwrap boxes of random supplies, never quite sure of what's arrived?!

I like the hair, too :)