Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Songs. Because I'm tired of laying down.

H1N1 is kicking my ass, yall. Like I cannot stand to lay in my bed another minute. Which is a travesty because I am so tired I can barely function. So if this post makes little to no sense- sorry.

I've gotten a ton of emails lately about my playlist. Yes, I have it automatically play because I am lazy and I listen to it at work. Continuously until I get bored with it. So if you know this, and you don't want to hear it (and really...what is wrong with you?!) press pause/stop.

AND, I've been getting suggestions. Which, cool- I guess. But I was browsing blogs the other night, in one of my "I can't sleep even though I'm so tired" phases when Matt is snoring, and I came across Cristina's blog (see below for link- she gave me my most recent award...) and she mentioned a Jason Mraz song she likes lately. And so since I hadn't heard of it- I clicked the link. And Cristina?? I LOVED IT. So I added it. And I added a few more that remind me of the Twilight series because I firmly believe I should have been a consultant on the soundtracks because the New Moon soundtrack? Sucks fucking ass. Like really???? Where was Hana Pestle's "Need"?! They pick "Meet Me At the Equinox" from Death Cab For Cutie but not "I will Follow you into the dark"?! WHO WAS IN CHARGE HERE?! And Sara Bareilles' "Gravity" should have been on there. Bitches. And if you want to hear these songs- scroll through my list. But really, Hana Pestle's song is beautiful. I've loved it for awhile and it's a shame she didn't get the big break on this soundtrack. Maybe next time 'round.

OK- I'm going to try out the comfy couch. And an ice pack. And my big down blankie. Did I mention I suspect I have strep and just this morning I have a wicked cough? Yup- I think I'm dying.

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Cristina said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked the song! I so <3 Jason Mraz it's ridiculous, like my love of Taylor Lautner even though I'm not into Twilight and he's not legal yet, but whatever. ;-)

Feel better soon! I'm sending you loads of good thoughts. Oh, and I'm so loving the Hana Pestle song!