Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cribs Part Two (where Sara showcases her crazy)

I've talked, briefly, about my borderline-could-be-described-as OCD organization tendencies before I'm sure. I did the Cribs Part One tour the other day and some of you asked about my underwear drawer and under my bed. Oh, you'll get those plus more. I feel like you didn't get a close enough look at the house because if you had, it'd paint a better picture of who I am. Specifically, it would highlight how um..tidy I am.

So upstairs we have those book cabinets for the kids. I have their books organized and Olivia, at age 4, already understands my system. The top shelf on the left are board books we shove in my purse if we got places I may need to keep them busy. Then to the right are stories we've read for the week at bedtime so we have no repeats. Second shelf are paperback and music books Some larger books on on their sides. Bottom shelf are hard covers, a ton of Dr. Seuss and some other classics.

My upstairs linen closet, next to the bathroom. Below this shelf is my laundry hamper. But the clear boxes on the top left? Each box has a "theme": teeth care, first aid, lotions/skincare, travel items. The basket on top are hand towels and wash cloths. There are usually 8 towels on top to leave two piles of 4. (Even numbers..notice that??) The bottom shelf is toilet paper, flushable wipes (for the kids), a box of girl stuff (because shockingly, I get my period folks!), a basket of hair product for me, cleaning supplies.

Bathroom cabinet contains: my makeup bag, portable potty seat, bubble bath, air freshener. Box contains flushable wipes, soap, razors, plug in (with refill) of glade plug in do da's.
My cupboards! OK, so after living together for 8 years Matt still has no idea about my system. *sigh* Top shelf- cereal, salads for Matt's lunches, extra condiments. Middle shelf: items that are boxed or in pouches. Salsa, nuts, open crackers ALWAYS in front. Bottom: canned goods, peanut butter (crunchy and creamy), clear containers with cookies and goldfish.
What some freaks call a "Command Center". This is where I have my menu of food for the month. Yes, I really do plan my meals. Next to it is a community event calendar of things happening that we may/may not be doing. I also have a clipping of every consignment shop in the Duluth/Superior area. I'm a whore for deals. Then miscellaneous business cards I need at the handy. This is in my kitchen.
Yes- we watch movies. We have a TON and the book case in our living room only showcases a few. The bottom shelf are kids movies only- we have pretty much everything that is awesome. The middle shelf is crammed full. Sometimes you need a butter knife to get one out. No, I'm not joking.
We're just now filling up the top shelf. This is where our movie box sets are basically. That pink box on top of the Star Wars box set? The movie Robsessed. My sister in law knows me well. :) True Blood season 2 will be living here VERY soon. (Yay!!)
This is the picture that gets the most attention in the house when people come over. This is Matt and I, on our wedding day obviously, when we were head over heels in love. We did outdoor pictures in Canal Park and this one was my favorite. It was a candid and not staged at all. So I had it blown up to 16x20 and put it in a beach wood frame. Love it.
Some of you emailed me asking me what the shelf I was talking about looked like along with the black and white photo. So here it is. The cube shelf has the kids toys and each square has a theme. Obviously. (little people, cars/trucks, figurines/action figures, big legos, balls, books, dolls, nerf guns/squirt guns/etc, travel toys)
The fridge! Yes- my fridge always looks like this. Drinks are always on top: juices to the left, soda/milk and my Robert Pattinson water bottle to the right. Second shelf: eggs, block cheese already opened, breads/muffins/bagels. Third shelf: left overs for lunches, bottled water in the way back. The drawer has sandwich stuff- cheeses and meats. The bottom drawers: left are baking supplies and the right are veggies.
The door is pretty easy and I don't think I really need to explain this.
My freezer. It's pretty bare since we aren't doing a lot of meat dishes for awhile. I buy veggies in bags then store them in containers- WAY easier to store. Those things in the cups with popsicle sticks? Homemade pudding pops. YUMMY. I also buy buns/bread and freeze when they go on sale.
The freezer door is the messiest part. I'm almost embarrassed to show you. So the top are the frozen cups/can coolers. And waffles. Because waffles are full of awesome and win. Like me. The bottom? Frozen fruit cups, dinner rolls, fries, and ice packs. (I get headaches a lot and when I do I need an ice pack to sleep. So I have 3 in here to rotate)
My panty drawer. Just for you, Chicken. Please don't laugh. So turn your head to the right because blogger refuses to cooperate. Bras are the lower left corner. I own 4 (3 in the drawer, one on me). The black thing in the back is all lingerie/nightgowns folded nicely. Thongs are like in the middle since I can't figure out a nice way to fold those. All other underwear is folded then rolled.
My socks. OK, so I'm actually embarrassed by my sock drawer. Because I'm color coded. Yes, I'm serious. Black/gray/blue in the back next to holiday socks. The middle row is various shades of brown, then my gray/white socks. Way at the bottom are my tights, panty hose, etc.

My closet. Top row is my stuff, bottom row is Matt's. But don't let that fool you- he has an entire dresser full of shit. And not to mention AT LEAST 50 pairs of jeans. The clear box are Matt's summer stuff and then it has a file box full of office supplies, my Twilight game I can't play because Matt refuses, one of my cd cases (it holds 2,000 and won't zip anymore), throw pillows, exercise shoes. And the hamper Matt won't use.
This is to the left of the closet. We have a bit of a nook in here. This is where I have dresses hanging, purses, scarves, gift wrap for every occassion except Christmas (that has it's own container in the garage three times the size of this one), more office supplies, a box of the kids' artwork.
Sam, you wanted to see under my bed. I was worried because I never clean under here. But all that is there is one box of my shoes.
See? Just some of my shoes.
My book case by my bed which is guarded by my Robert. I need a bigger book case obviously. My beloved Fufy is on top. She was my first love. She smells and looks like shit, but I've had her forever. She hangs out with my Led Zeppelin box set and next to a frame my friend Lisa gave me for my bridal shower. Um, you may notice I have every Sookie Stackhouse book as well as every Linda Howard book. *sigh* I love me some Linda Howard. It's because of her I secretly would love to be sexing a Black Ops agent who's madly in love with me and willing to give up a career to be with me OR train me to be Black Ops. :)
This drawer is under the book case. Very cool. It holds the scrapbook from my high school years, the Mickey ears Matt and I got on our first vacation together to Disney, and maracas that my grandparents ave me. I'll tell you about those sometime.
SOME of my cd's. These are some of the cd's I still have cases for. I store them in these awesome clear bins from Target. I have one bin in my van full of cd's and I rotate often. But my other cd's are stored in big binders. I thought by throwing out the cases I'd be clever and save room. Now I regret that I did that. Grr.. BUT I have two of those cases. One holds 2000 the other 1500, both are full. I also have another binder that holds 80, full, and then countless more cd's in my car, dining room, computer desk, and some in Olivia's room. We can jam together. I could literally, be a dj, just with what I have. Not including the stuff I have on iTunes. Can you beat that, Mr. O? :)
Things you maybe have learned from this:
  • I like clear bins.
  • I am ubber organized.
  • I like music and books. A lot.
  • I need more shoes, purses, and underwear. And bras.
  • I need more white socks to even out the colors in the drawer.
  • I like even numbers.
  • I like Ice Mountain bottled water the best.

Welcome to the world of Sara. I feel with my organizational skills and music selection I'm ready to dominate the world. And we're having meatballs subs this week. Come on over.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I totally need to have you come over and organize my life. And do meal plans for me. And then MAKE the meals for me. Because Sara, for dinner tonight I had a bologna sandwich and tater tots. Yep. That's right.

And I LOVE that wedding pic. Of course it gets lots of attention, it's beautiful!

It's Just Me said...

if it were not for the shoes, (why is there only 1 of the shoe outside the box) the hubby, the children, and the whole even number thing (because as anyone knows, things should be bought and stored in 3's)
I think that we could actually share a living space. Your controlled environment is perfectly reasonable. =)

Angela said...

Sorry for the caps attack. I've never been a very organized person, so I'm super jealous right now.

Sarah said...

OMG, you ARE crazy! A wonderful kind of crazy that I would kill for. I would love it if you would come to my house and just give me organization ideas. I just don't see organizing opportunities the way you do. I need someone to look in my closet and say, You need such and such kind of shelf or bin to put such and such in, and you should really put x in this place all together instead of the stupid way you're doing it now. So, what do you say? I'll make you a meat-loaf sandwich! Seriously though, you should start a business where you organize people.

Sarah said...

OMG you ARE crazy! Just kidding. I wish I had the gift of organization the way you do. I'm not too bad, but I'm not very creative, or diligent. I need someone to come over and give me ideas. Wanna come over and look in my closets? I'll make you a meat-loaf sandwich! Seriously though, you should start a business where you organize people. That would be awesome!

Sara Strand said...

@Krysten- that is a mother fucking travesty! Girl- if you move to FL I will come and organize you, set up a meal plan for 6 months AND give you your grocery list.

@Angela- anytime lover!

@jera- I have shoes under my hope chest, under my dresser, in the closet, in the front porch AND in the back porch. In all, I probably have 4 or 5 of those boxes.

@sarah- teach me how to make meatloaf and I'm there. I have never been able to make meat loaf. I'm not even kidding.

Holy Hannah said...

Holy Crap woman, you are one organized goddess. I only call you a goddess because I am wildly jealous of your skills. I dream of being so organized. My therapist says I have control issues. Bitch. ~ Steph

Mr O said...

I can't believe you have a Robert Pattinson water bottle. Actually, at this point I should.

I really want to come over... so you can cook for me. Is that bad?

And no, I can't beat that...

Chicken said...

Sweet baby Jesus you and Mr. Chicken are organizational soul mates. You have the same food and closet systems. I'm still trying to figure out how to print out the underwear photo(for future alone time use)...creepy!

Sara Strand said...

@Hanah- girl...I was born like this. When I was little my Barbies were organized by how cute they were. Their order determined who got to date my New Kids on the Block dolls.

@MrO- I would cook for you anytime and I take requests. I love me some Robert. And I love me some Mr. O, too. :) See- I could be your cohost one night! I could just bring one of my binders and we'd be set!!

@Chicken- so am I allowed to move in yet? Let me know if Mr. Chicken approves. Also let him know I can cook.

Sam said...

I think it would have been hilarious if you had another cut out of Robert under your bed, positioned so if you look under your bed, he's jut laying there waiting for you to look at him so he can stare deep into your soul.
I'm going to have to say that you are a freak when it comes to organizing. In a totally good way! Im only organized at work and the car. Ill have to do a "Cribz, car edition".

Another David said...

You've got the Rambo Trilogy. 100 points.

Morgan said...

So so organized, I love it!

I know the struggles of others not understanding your methods. One example - making the bed. The comforter should hang an equal distance all around the edge, but Simon, even after clear explanations and demonstrations, doesn't get it. Sad part, is he sleeps in so that means he makes the bed and I must deal with the foot of the bed having the comforter go all the way to the floor. No bueno.

My refrigerator, cupboards, closet, and drawers are also very organized. I love to see that others have brains that function the same as mine.

Everything has it's place and things are supposed to be segregated and categorized. It makes life easier. Plain and simple.

You've motivated me to do a cribs, too. Stay tuned!

Danielle said...

I am so jealous of your organization! Your house is just wonderful! I hope that when I get my own house it can be as organized as yours - or at least half way as organized! *Side Note* I LOVE clear bins as well! :) Thanks for sharing!

Gini said...

AMAZING. Teach me, O Goddess!!!

suki said...

wish i was HALF as organized as you. :)

Anonymous said...

And I will this again, we are so very alike!!

I am an uber organized person as well, couple that with scrapping, books and music....yeah, uncanny.

I am really going to work hard on getting my own "cribs" together. So look for it soon!!

I cannot beat you on music, but I MAY have you on movies. I think at last count we had upwards of 500. I am obsessed with box sets and still have quite a few left to acquire. True Blood Season 2 is already on pre-order.