Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weiners, Blenders, and Midgets

I am just super duper excited that not only am a weiner of another award but that I got a super cute one. I love cupcakes and after today's hard core ass kicking workout, I'd very much like to eat one. That will require me to either A) go to the store or B) bake and neither are things I'd like to do this evening.

But Morgan from Sunny Days has bestowed this award to me. What is really cool is that Morgan is a new blogger (show her some love, yall) AND I graduated high school with her. I don't think we had any classes together (did we??) and didn't hang out in the same groups (and to be honest- I had no "group", I was more of a floater) but I do remember she was always a super happy person. So it seems appropriate that she received this. Rules state that I need to list 10 things that make me happy and pass the award on. OK.

1. Water. I am a pisces so this seems somewhat obvious, but I love water. I like to take long showers, swim, be near water, drink water, listen to water, etc. I know that no matter where I live, I must be by a large body of water. Unfortunately, Lake Superior is so damn cold that swimming in it is for idiots who have no worries of hypothermia.

2. My kids are a million times awesome. They are hilarious and fun. They can be sweet but they can also be monsters. And it doesn't matter because they think I'm the greatest thing EVER and I make them happy.

3. Books. I could read an entire day and not blink an eye. I can get lost in a book and am sad when I can't get some reading time each and every day.

4. Music. I consider myself to be an avid music collector and fan and my tastes are pretty eclectic I think. Someone once told me that my music taste is schizophrenic because I am all over the place. But I think that is the beauty of music- you can go from one end to the other and still want more.

5. My friends make me happy by keeping me sane. (quickie thank you to everyone who emails me regularly and/or texts me. You guys ROCK and keep me from killing people throughout the day.)

6. My family are really pretty cool. We have our up's and down's but they are pretty damn cool. I got lucky when I got my family.

7. Sunshine. Who doesn't like the sun?

8. Thunderstorms and other natural disasters. I know- this is weird but I really do LOVE natural disasters. I've seen a tornado and I've been in multiple hurricanes. I'd like to be in a real earthquake someday. I've always been a bit of geology and weather nut (I like knowing why things are happening) so that makes me a bit weird I suppose.

9. Toothpaste. I like brushing my teeth. I've decided (literally, just right now) that I like toothpaste a lot. Without that I fear that my mouth would feel gross all of the time and that would be no good.

10. A good vibrator makes me happy. This one seems a bit obvious though.

So I'm going to pass this on to EVERYONE who is having a dumpy day and/or week. Maybe this will help you get out of your funk.

Also during my blog catch up this evening, I came across Another David's blog and saw a YouTube video of this guy blending an iPad. Nevermind the fact that I'm in tears because I'd really like to have a damn iPad because it would fill out my purse nicely and give me an excuse to carry my $80 purse around because it currently holds my phone and a wallet. It's all a bit ridiculous. So then I checked out the Will It Blend website and promptly got sucked into watching things be blended. And I realized that the $50 blender I got for my bridal shower really does suck and it isn't just me. Mine can barely do fucking ice cubes and this thing blends lawn equipment, cameras, guns, etc. Insane.

I would also like to mention to you, DAVID that something truly momentous has happened in my neighborhood. Yes- a midget has moved in around the corner from me. I am like 90% sure she's a midget. Matt thinks she's just short but I don't know. She looks pretty much what I assume a midget looks like. There was the one in Chicago that would not take a picture with me and I only saw this chick for a minute. So now I'm walking past there every chance I get hoping she's friends with the drunks in the same building. Because the drunks are outside ALL.THE.TIME doing drunky things and using a refrigerator as a lawn chair. If she really is a midget, I totally am prepared to bring baked goods over there and make friends. I will keep you posted.


SurferWife said...

Midgets, drunks, and fridges on the lawn?

Where on earth do you dwell? I must visit. Pick me up at the airport tomorrow?

Danielle said...

Congrats on yet another award! :) I have to tell you this girl that used to be friends with my best friend (did you follow that, lol) was DEATHLY afraid of midgets (or as Chelsea Handler calls them nuggets). Well one night we were at a bar and they met me there, we had a good friend who was a midget and he came walking out to meet her and she screamed and cried and ran to the car and refused to come back into the bar.

Morgan said...

Thanks for all the kind words! And don't forget to do one of your 10 things tonight! maybe number 10? hahahahha

Sam said...

Thank you, I now have a new distraction to keep me from doing work. I think I may have watched almost EVERYTHING your able to blend.
If you want a good vibrator, you should have had me order one the other night, I think they may have had one named "Shirley", its hard to say though. :)

Jandy xx said...

hey gorgeous! It's been far to long since i graced your page with my presence! Guess what, I'm a weirdo tooo, natural disasters are my true love as well! see, we're like soul mates! hope youve been well, I'm hoping to catch up on your blog today, and I'm gonna pretend you gave me this award, so i can play too! xx

Another David said...


Sara Strand said...

@Monique- Superior, WI baby. You come, I will pick you up.

@Danielle- I maybe I should call them muggets. As like a combo of midget and nugget..

@Morgan- We could be good friends. I like how you think.

@Sam- girl, that's my job.

@jprp- I was thinking of you and your blog rut. :)

@David- I'm trying! I think the midget is scared of wind. It's been windy here and no sign of her. Maybe I should make her a wind protector thingie as a "welcome to our dump of a neighborhood. By the way you are surrounded by drug dealers, nazi's, and pedophiles." Too much?