Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not totally skinny, but marginally closer

So after I called out Mr. O via email about his lack of....participation... he called me out on the weight loss thing. And since I, yet again, have very little time to blog tonight (so sorrys yall) I am going to give you the quick and dirty of my weight loss program.

Basically I'm walking. A lot. So much so that it hurts every time I do it and I am frequently on the puke threshold. Which I think is awful but I've *heard* it's good. I have started doing a running/walking combination, mostly on my fuckmill and even though that is horrible, unfun, terrible, and cruel- it's not killing me. Sure, my calves often feel like they are being clubbed but I cannot deny the muscle tone. That is definitely there, which means progress.

I am still going to Curves on average three times a week. I absolutely hate it. It's not the exercises necessarily, it's the fact that I am usually the only person without a workout buddy. So I'm doing my thing, alone. Which sucks. Plus the music they play is so offensive I should report them to the RIAA. They play the Go-Go's a lot. Seriously. If it isn't a horrible Go-Go's mix, and 80's mix of crap songs from that decade turned into techo, it's classic rock turned European techno. It's just wrong and frankly- it should be criminal.

Needless to say while I don't think I'm seeing huge results from Curves I will say that my arms are less flappy. I mean, if nothing else, less flap is good for everyone. I even bought...wait for it...a sleeveless shirt.

I know- MONUMENTAL. Granted, I bought a light sweater to go over it but that's mostly because I will probably freeze in the shirt. But I look good. This will be the first time, since my honeymoon, that I am daring to wear a sleeveless shirt in public.

Gold claps and fist pumps, yo.

I have gained two pounds since my last check in, so I believe I am at 173. BUT...before you get all Debbie Downer on me, my pants are still loose. I can feel muscle tone building in my stomach area, my legs are defining better and again, less flappy on the arms.

OH! I should also note I am pretty sure that my thighs? Aren't molesting each other like they used to! Girls- you know how when you have actual thighs and not twigs that could break if a strong gust of wind came along and the insides touch? Well mine were like making out. Like full on makeout session and groping. It is no good. But I am going to take a picture of me in a bathing suit in about a week or so and we will see if the thigh touching has gotten any better in comparison to my Florida pictures from October.

Until then- lots of exercise and feeling of death. And sweat.


Danielle said...

Awesome Sara! So proud of you!!!!! Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat so don't get too caught up in the number!!! If you're clothes are fitting better then there ya go! I never weigh myself lol! :) Good luck with continuing on your progress!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...


My dad just told me they opened a Maurices in Hayward.


I think my brain just exploded.

Holy Hannah said...

Rock on witcha bad self! I don't know if I could brave Curves, you're much stronger then I am. ~ Stephanie

Morgan said...

Can't tell you enough... So happy you're running! I still amaze myself that just 7 weeks ago I could barely handle running for a minute and now I'm at 28 minutes! Proof of progress!

Once again, I agree with Danielle to focus on how your clothes are fitting as opposed to your weight - especially if you're doing weight training. (Danielle I'm officially going to your blog to check you out - that's twice I've repeated your comment!)

Alpha Za said...

Congrats, that's fantastico!

Pity you and matt can't work out together...

I have yet to meet a guy who notices if his gf or a girl he likes has flabby arms...why women do is beyond me.

Muscle weighs more than fat, focus on waist lines and the rest falls into place!

Congrats for being so Gymcore.

Lin said...

It's so great that you're still keeping up with your workout routine, congrats! I used to go to Curves & I know what you mean abou they're lame music. I used to take my ipod & just keep an keep an eye out for when I needed to move. The ipod especially helped when woman would try to small talk. I was there to work out not chit chat, lol.

Mr O said...

Hey, thanks for calling me out again and making me into asshole Mr O ;)

This is gonna be a back and forth between us, isn't it? I don't even want to try cuz I know you will win and that's depressing.

What's not depressing? The progress you've made. Trust me, I get the sleeveless shirt thing. I feel the same way about "tight" shirts. For a while, I wore nothing but XL shirts that were really baggy to hide what was underneath. But, depending on the shirt, I will get brave and wear a Large. If I'm brave haha.

Keep it going BB, we are all rooting for you

Bostonian In Training said...

Weight Watchers has worked wonders for me. I didn't join a "club" in town like you're supposed to. If you type in "How do I calculate Weight Watcher's points?" into google, you can figure out how many points you can eat per day. It's an extra easy way to watch what you eat. I have lost 22 pounds this way without exercise. Now that summer is approaching and my weight is plateauing, I have started walking for an hour in combination with the diet system. Good luck on your weight loss!

NikkiAnn said...

Thats awesome Sara! Its a pain in the ass trying to lose weight! I've been working at it for a couple years, and I'm finally getting to where I want to be with my weight. I also give you provs for being able to go to Curves by yourself! Not an easy thing I'm sure! Hang in there girl!

Ashley said...

I'd so be your workout buddy! I just started walking. Im starting off slow. I've done 12 miles in the last, oh, 9 days? I'm tracking it on dailymile.com

Chicken said...

Rock hard arms leads to punches that can kill. Watch out with those guns!

Julie H said...

I so need to get back to doing the couch 2 5k thing. I wimped out because my fucking calves hurt so bad I thought it might feel better if I actually stuck a knife in them.