Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh Jeez. The suspense has to end soon.

Seriously peeps- as much as it's probably killing you (or not...but thank you for the fakers!) it's killing me EVEN MORE about the suspense.

I had two for sure meetings/appointments and then one that wasn't supposed to be but ended up being a meeting and every one of them was so strange and hilarious I just want to share them all with you. And I will. I promise. Just not today or this weekend. But as a teaser- I had a meeting on a bed in a hotel. No, I am not lying. No, I'm not going to turn into a hooker although I hear it pays pretty well. Yes, I almost pissed myself from trying to hold in uncontrollable fits of laughter. Seriously- I am working on my first book right now and I have this URGE to start on book two already. I am not even kidding. It's going to be fabulous.

Anyways. So I'm mega stressed out. This last week has been a week from hell. Obviously, I'm hoping it is only like poser-hell because I've always known I am going to hell but I have always kind of hoped there would be perks. Like all you can buffets, recliners with cup holders, and a steady stream of AA batteries. But this week provided me none of that and that makes me angry.

BUT...last week's hell (which I'll recap next week sometime AND bring down the curtain of mystery...) is turning into this week's madness. For those of you paying acute attention you will remember that I am going to Tennessee this weekend to see my cousin Rhonda graduate. For those of you who have the attention span of a gnat or are dumb, I live in Wisconsin. At the tip of Lake Superior to be exact. I am about 14 hours away from Rhonda. This means:
  • I am going to be driving the entire stretch because Matt has pretty bad road rage and a short attention span while driving.
  • We will have two kids under the age of 5 to entertain for 14 hours while they are strapped into car seats.
  • I am officially off my diet this weekend so I can survive on Pizza Combos, Pepsi, and Snickers bars. Oh- and Slim Jim's. God bless gas stations.
  • My marriage will be tested. If the kayak trip taught us anything, it's that Matt and I are a really suck ass team.
  • I am having to rely on the GPS, affectionately known as Maggie, which as some of you might recall- is not completely reliable. Even more so now that we realized that our maps are outdated. Oy. We'll just wing it like we usually do.
  • There will not be a post from me tomorrow. Don't die- I promise you that you will be ok.
  • Next week's posts should be fun.
  • I am going to try to post on Saturday a quickie recap. Friday there will be a Domestic Bitch post. ;)

QUESTION: (Mr. O-- I'm calling you out..can you help me??) Please check out this YouTube video: (I will warn you it's a Robert Pattinson vid. You can't watch the entire thing without agreeing he is a beautiful male specimen. Yummy. ANYWAYS. What song is playing?! I fucking LOVE that song. Now granted- it's probably on the YouTube page somewhere but yah..I'm in a hurry. Sorry. If you figure it out let me know- I'd be interested in making a purchase. Or 50. ;)


Shanel said...

Hope you have a really good time on your trip... hope the arguments are few.... hope you get there safely and without incident. I'm also wondering about this cliffhanger blog posting you're doing... excited to know all that's been transpiring the past week --- all of which you've been keeping us from knowing but I'm sure it's for good reason... hope it all gets better for you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, are killing me girl.....bit, I am sending you some good thoughts for your trip and can't wait to hear about it when you get back.

Cherri said...

Drive safe...
Song on clip is "Into the Fire", possibly by 13 senses. Very nice in deed.

Starts with one said...

"Into The Fire", by Thirteen Senses.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You really are killing me. Seriously. I don't like waiting and if I know something's up I HAVE TO KNOW. Ask Dustin, I've been bitching up your little secret like crazy! I want to know!!!

Alpha Za said...

hmm, your meeting on the hotel bed...could it possibly be that you are acting as a surrogate mother for Warren Buffet?

That would explain the laughing.

Have fun on your trip. I recommend sedating the the kind they used on horses. Save some for Matt if he doesn't behave...well the way you want him to anyway.

Danielle said...

UGHHHH THE SUSPENSE IS FREAKIN KILLIN ME HERE! LOL! But anyways, good luck with the trip - I'll miss you tomorrow! :) Can't wait til Friday and Saturday though! :) I have something to send you, but maybe I"ll wait until I get back on Tuesday from Florida so I don't clog up your box while you're gone! bahahahaha! Yeah, it's been sitting in my big purse for about a week now! lol! All i have to do is stick it in the damn mailbox ... hmmm will it happen tomorrow? We shall see! We shall see! :)

Another David said...

Woman, this is getting ridiculous. You need to do this post with this earth-shattering news already. That sneak peak did not help. COME ON!

Green Stone said...

I come back just as you leave! Dang!

Have a good trip! I'd recommend mega-dosing coffee, but I don't know how good you are with weeing in the woods. Caffeine pills are my fav.

Gini said...

The song is credited in the details on the vid-- your other two commenters are right and it's "Into The Fire", by Thirteen Senses. Awesome song and HAWT Robert!!!

Julie H said...

I can barely handle the drive to town with my family in the car. Good luck!

____j said...

Not only do I think you should write a book, or five...but I think you should get your own tv show. Seriously...think about it. ;)