Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Guess what pisses me off? Stupid people.

Do you know what drives me nuts? When people who are perfectly capable and not disabled portray themselves as disabled. You know what I'm talking about. Those people who hit the automatic door opener button and stand there, able bodied and capable of opening the door themselves, yet they WAIT to walk through the door until it's fully opened. Why? Why do you have to be such a lazy ass? Open the fucking door asshole.

I had to run to the grocery store today after work, and we all know how that experience usually is, and  I expected today to be no different. Fortunately, my check out process was fine since I had a really nice lady who must only work days and knows how to do her job. Anyways. So as I'm walking into the store I see this lady who is super fat. With her super skinny friend. And BOTH of them absolutely HAVE to use the motorized carts. And I'm sorry- but as a person who is not skinny and could stand to lose a ton of weight (update on that soon...promise).....using a motorized cart just makes you look like a bigger fat ass. Is it REALLY going to kill you if you push a regular cart around? The walking with combined pushing is a great work out. Try it some time.

Oh- and yesterday. HAHA.. so I had to go to JC Penney to pick up Jackson's 2 year old pictures. I'm only two months late getting them done, but whatever. So yesterday was pick up day and I get there right at 3:30. There is only one woman working the small studio and she was helping a lady who had just finished a session and was ordering pictures. No problem- I'm in no hurry. So I'm looking through the things they have out and the customer was like, "Do you have to go and help her?" and I pipe up and say, "Oh- no rush. I'm fine. I'm just picking my order up- take your time." I don't mean this literally. When I say this...I'm trying to not be a bitch. And believe me, it takes effort for me to not be a bitch. Anyways. So she proceeds to look over EVERY picture that was taken...for the next 45 minutes. OK- now you're pushing it, bitch. So finally she's ready to pay for her pictures and then she starts complaining that she can't pay for the shorts she wants to buy. Just because a photo studio is IN the store does not mean it's part of the store. Read the fucking sign whore.

So she's checking out and then her mom comes. And then customer whore lady wants to show her mom all of the pictures because -oh wait- maybe she should buy more. FUCK YOU. I had to obviously pipe up because it was not only a moral obligation but what I would consider an ethical one.

Me: "Hi. I'm a customer. I know you maybe didn't notice me standing here for the last 57 minutes but I need to pick up my pictures. I was polite enough to let you order your pictures but honestly? And I feel we can be honest since we've been together for awhile, your pictures are pretty crappy. Your son has enough snot to feed Ethiopia and nobody wants that kind of picture hanging on their wall. So if you could just hurry the fuck up so I can get out of here before the mall closes and I'm forced to walk around the entire building to get to my vehicle because only one exit is open- I would really appreciate that."

Customer Whore: "Who do you think you are? Telling me what I should and shouldn't order?"

Me: "Your worst fucking nightmare if you don't hurry the hell up."

CW: *blank stare*

She checked out within the next 30 seconds. After she leaves, I'm ubber nice to the poor girl working who smiles and says, "Thank fucking god. Her son's session ended almost three hours ago."

Are you serious?? Why do people think they are so fucking important that they can just take FOREVER doing something?? Like do what you have to do in a timely manner and move the fuck along.

Oh- so some of you asked what Matt and I did on our anniversary. He got me flowers (pink roses--even though we had white roses in our wedding. Close enough.) and we went out to dinner. Here's us in the car:
(I'm trying to grow my bangs out. This is not a fun process)
Anyways. So we went to dinner at a restaurant in town, Ace's, and Matt had never been there. I have and it's usually pretty good. They have good nachos and are the home of the charburger. I'm not sure what that means but I do know they have good pickles. And sometimes that's all it takes to win me over.

We had THE worst waitress. Do you remember when I had a bad one with my brother? This lady was worse. She took our order and brought the food fine. And then never came back. We had to go to the bar to get a refill and our check. Seriously. It should also be noted that in the entire restaurant/bar? We were the ONLY people in there. Ridiculous. I *get* that being a waitress can be hard, mostly when a place is busy, but come on. All I'm asking is that you do your fucking job. I didn't tip her but I left a tip for the bartender. He at least earned it.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh. I hate bad servers. Because I was a server so it takes A LOT to piss me off in a restaurant. Because I know what it's like. I actually gave our food runner at Chammps the tip because we saw her more than our server. Ridiculous.

Jaime Hungry said...

I always use the door opener button if there is one :)

Jennifer Kay said...

You gotta read the post I wrote earlier this month on the SAME fat bitches riding scooters around Walmart. Let the record reflect that I hate going there...but I can't resist!

The Insatiable Host said...

there are those days when all you need to do is call one of your friends up and be like "DOOD i have had a shyte day" and then they say the right thing to make you smile...

this was it- without the phone call and without even trying. i needed to laugh :)


Anonymous said...

lmao. Can we hang out? Because I fucking love your posts. And I totally hate bad service too and won't tip.

Jenn said...

There was this girl at university with me who was in a motorized weelchair. People would go out of their way to help her, or let her cut in line. 4 months in I saw her in the cafeteria. Standing in line. Without a cane. And the next day she was back in the weelchair. Huh.

SurferWife said...

Entitlement. I fucking hate those dicksuckers who have thisw false sense of entitlement.

Good for you for telling CW off. She sounds like a damn nightmare.

Another David said...

Pam and I call those carts fuckitall carts. I want one. Don't judge.

Anonymous said...

You were too nice to that customer chick. You gave her about 45 minutes more than I would have.

Oh, and fat people and those jazzies at the store - don't EVEN get me started on those.

Sara said...

Don't hate me, but I use the door opener sometimes. ha!

You slay me with your honesty. hahahah! But for an hour, were you just enjoying kid free time?

Probably why I love Golden Corral. And I always sit in the section with the cute Russian girl cause she is so nice. ha!

Chicken said...

This post is why you're the leader. You rock socks! I don't understand how you let yourself get so fat and then expect the rest of the world to pay for your poor choices. Put the food down and save me time and money. Don't even get me started on what is driving the whole health care debate....perhaps if fat unhealthy people took care of their bodies and didn't have to use the doctors for major heart attacks and lap band procedures there would be enough money out there for when a healthy person falls while jogging and breaks their ankle. Just sayin'

Annah said...

There's a reason why they're huge like that, it's because they're lazy. PS. I'm obsessed with True Blood as well. That first Season 3 episode was uh-mazing! :)

Sam said...

I hate it when people use the automatic doors too, like one time I was walking up to the library on campus and about two feet from the door, mid-reach, the guy behind me says, "Let me get that for you" and he proceeds to hit the handicapped button. So I have to back up, and wait for the stupid doors to open when I could have already been inside and sat down. That was not chivalrous!