Thursday, June 17, 2010

Randomness. Or ADD. You decide.

I have nothing planned out in my adorable brain for tonight's post. This week has been a bit hectic so let's just talk about a bunch of random crap that can all be lumped into one post because none of it really warrants it's own post. OK?

(this is a rhetorical question, just go with it.)

1. Do you remember my back porch? So it had a window that was original to the house that didn't open- it was just one of those single pane of glass pieces of shit. Last week sometime I had Matt go to the hardware store and buy a new window for no reason other than, we had $109 laying around and he told me the day before that he hasn't sided the back porch of the house because hey- we need a new window. Obviously, he is just trying to avoid manual labor on our house. But guess what?? I surprised him with $109 and yay- new window. He installed it yesterday. It went faster than expected because guess what? It was completed rotted through. *shocker* And this weekend? He is borrowing a brake (I think that's what it's called) so he can side the house. Hopefully it doesn't continue to rain otherwise that will suck for him. The kids and I are planning on watching Dad Camp on VH1 while he does this.

2. I'm an adult now! Obviously you would assume that at the age of 28 I would already be, but that's just not the case. Well, it is now. Do you remember how I was all proud of myself because I actually bought myself a winter jacket?? (I would link back but can't find the post after 13 seconds of dramatic searching.) Well I bought myself my FIRST winter jacket since I was 16. It's a big fucking deal. But this year? I also bought....wait for it.... an umbrella! I know- it's not as exciting as adopting a kid from Malawi with a gimpy leg, but it's going to have to just do. Seriously- this is a big deal. For YEARS I have bitched incessantly about not owning an umbrella and every time I was at Target it was all not raining and I figured "UGH-- I'll save my money until it's raining." Well the last 4 weeks have been NON STOP RAIN up in this bitch and at about week 3 1/2 I decided that I needed to grow the fuck up. So I bought an umbrella and guess what? Have not used it. I always forget it at home. At least I don't look like a fucktard for not even owning one.

3. I have gotten some new stuff into my Etsy shop and more is coming. I actually have a clearance section. I'm putting a ton of work into this damn thing and my brain feels fried. I need sales to keep me motivated. Shop otherwise my kids will starve and die.

4. I am thisclose to finishing the newest Chelsea Handler book, "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang". I am in love with Chelsea. I am not even close to be as funny as her but seriously- I would like to just be famous for being awesome. I heard she broke up with Ted. I wonder how he feels about being a part time slut to me? I'm willing and able. I'm sure Matt won't care.

5. My new job is going GREAT. I really like it. I thought I'd be bored because it's not busy right now, but I actually really like it. It's only a few hours a day and it's pretty flexible so far. And I like everyone I work with so that's awesome. It's very strange because it's so different from my last job. In a good way.

6. Rosie is driving me nuts. She's making a fucking racket in the middle of the night with her moaning. Seriously. Thank god she's getting fixed on the 28th. But Lenny is awesome. He's my favorite cat. He's pretty fucking selfish but at least you know where you stand with him. If he wants nothing to do with you he pretty much shows you his ass and moves to the other chair. I can respect that. I would do that with Matt but I'm pretty sure he'd take it as an invitation. He's not super great with social cues.

7. I need some blogging ideas. Give me some inspiration. Or something. AaronBillyMacHarlan-- I think you should give me some ideas. We're besties now.

8. Did anyone watch TrueBlood last Sunday? Die fucking die!! Alexander needs to turn his hot naked self around. His ass is fabulous but we really want to see the front. Well, at least I do. And I know that it starts going to hell with Bill & Sookie in the third book but secretly I'm hoping Alan Ball switches it up. I like Bill. I would very much do Bill. I'm actually not picky and at this point my standards are rather low so this isn't saying much maybe. I saw a spoiler photo of the finale and Godric is back. WTF? He died last season. Are we ending the season with a flashback?! *sigh* I just hope we kill off Evan Rachel Whore super soon. I can't stand her.

OK- so that's me for the night. Tomorrow is Domestic Bitch Friday and I am not prepared.


Danielle said...

I'm glad to hear the job is working out!!! Yay for a new window and I totally hear ya about the umbrella business because I don't have one and I doubt I ever will. Please warn me when you're going to post about current True Blood as I'm still only on book 2! lol!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I hate Evan Rachel Wood too but she's HOT in True Blood. I'm sorry, but she is.

HOWEVER. Eric and Bill together naked would be even hotter. With a little Sam thrown in. Yum yum.

And I totally would have GIVEN you an umbrella Sara! Dustin's has, like, a million in his car. They always end up there so then I buy a new one because he's gone and I need one - and then the new one somehow ends up in his car. It's like an umbrella graveyard, I swear.

Sara said...

I don't want an umbrella, I want a rain hat. Know how hard it is to find a rain hat?

Random is good. Hope you have a great weekend!

Claire said...

Hi, just popped over from Krysten's blog.
I love it you made me laugh out loud, be back soon to read more:)

SpiritPhoenix said...

I love random posts by people. As for ideas??? Um, maybe a top five list of something. Or maybe do interviews of your readers. I'm kinda in a slump right now. I need to write on my blog desperately, but I don't feel the inspiration lately.

____j said...

get rid of the cat :)

AaronBillyMacHarlan said...

As far as true blood nude men shots, even though I don't watch it and don't know who Eric is, I know Bill is kindof a stud and having the two of them naked together is something I wouldn't vote down cause I know that 90% of the appeal of that show is just that most of the guys are smokin hot.

So Sara I finally got caught up with your blog because I got off work late and Craig is already asleep so he won't get jealous of our me reading it and what do I find but that I've been given a shout out right between a description of how your husband would misinterpret you being huffy as a sexual invitation and how some guy in True Blood might have a nice package... needless to say I'm flattered. And great segue. I have no ideas for your blog though and I hate to say it... if you hadn't noticed my blog is lacking a bit and coming up with ideas for someone else's blog might not really be my area of expertise. OK here's an idea that just came to me: a list of the ten best qualities and ten worst qualities about 3 or so people you know, family, coworkers, friends etc.

Or... tell something about yourself that's definitely true and something that's definitely false and never tell which is which... create a little mystery. Maybe I'll do that too that sounds kindof like a good way to kindof piss people off. OK that's all I got.

Sam said...

Ok, even I want Eric to turn around. :/