Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm sick folks. I have the flu and instead of not posting anything at all tonight I thought I would post that I was sick so nobody thought I either died or was kidnapped by a midget equality group. (Though the latter would be kind of fun.)

Don't forget to enter into the giveaway that ends on Thursday HERE. Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I won't kick your ass.

Shalom bitches. I'm off to take some nighttime flu shit. Last night I did this and took a shower with socks on after Mr. O's radio show so if by chance I email you, post on here, or post anything on FaceBook....ignore me. I'm probably high.


MrsDixon said...

Have fun being high on nyquil! Maybe I'll take some in your honor too...feel better!

Danielle said...

Ugh the flu?! That's the worst! I hope you feel better soon! :) xoxo

Miranda said...

I hope you feel better! Drug it up and get nice and rested so you can pick the best winner of your contest on Thursday.

If you wake up on Thursday and you start to feel yourself picking someone whose name is not Miranda then you are most definitely ill and you might need to double dose on the meds.

Seriously - I hope you feel much better. Being sick is the pits **but** listen to your body - it knows what it needs. Rest up cupcake!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I love nighttime flu stuff!

I am currently on Tylenol PM since I forever have back pain and can't sleep. I shall soon be hi too.

Feel better soon lady!

Anonymous said...

Blech. I do not enjoy being sick. Hope you feel better soon.

Also? Moon pies sound interesting. I'll have to try 'em out.

As for goats, not too stinky, but they have a lot of room to spread out and such. That helps. You can just come say hello to our goats before, you know, making any rash decisions.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon my lamb whore leader.

Salt said...

Nyquil makes me sleep walk. It's never a good thing.

But I hope it works for you! Feel better!!

Lady Grey said...

Feel better soon... We need your ass back soon!

Jaime Hungry said...

Stop telling people to enter your giveaway! I want to win!

Oh and feel better soon!