Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sometimes I think I'm going crazy. But then I realize it's only Thursday.

Seriously yall. My weekend is going to be a nightmare. Why I decide to do everything at once I will never know. I know when I plan things initially I think of all the greatness to get everything done with at once. And that lasts until like...the night before it begins and then I remember I'm a fucking dumbass, yet again, as I'm scrambling to get everything done. Like a fucking maniac.

And Matt avoids me like the plague because he knows he's going to get roped in.

Tomorrow is our annual yard sale which should be fun because HEY!! it's supposed to rain. Which I wouldn't think of anything else because HEY!! it's been borderline fucking monsoon season here this entire summer. We're doing it at my mom's house because she lives on a busier road and last year it went well there and yeah. But we have no shelter so if it rains we're screwed. And my mom and I don't work well together if we're both crabby.

But this year whores? I am wearing sunblock. Because last year?? I fried. I don't think I have EVER been that burned my whole life. My shoulders, back, chest, and arms were like one big blister. I had to sleep sitting up for two weeks. I couldn't shower or put aloe on without feeling like my skin was being ripped off. And?? I still have the tan lines. A year later. And?? My shoulders and back, which have always been freckle city (thanks to mom letting me run topless as a toddler in Florida), look weird. Like the top of my shoulders are speckled anymore- they are brown. It's odd.

Anyways. So I have all of that priced and as we speak, Matt is hauling it all over there. *snicker*

But we went out to eat tonight because HEY! I'm not cooking. While we were eating we had what sounded like a god damn tornado go down the street. I am not even kidding. It was hail, wind, and rain- and it uprooted a tree behind the restaurant. And destroyed a ton of signs. Now, nobody saw a tornado but seriously- it was nuts. And it lasted maybe 10-15 minutes.

So guess who is out putting new sale signs on poles?



So then Saturday, we have a birthday party AND a wedding reception to go to. And getting rid of left over yard sale stuff. Then Sunday I have to clean my house, grocery shop, and prep for my cousin Rhonda to come on Monday.

It's going to be a MASSIVE, AWESOME, FANTASTIC week of posts next week. Why? Because this bitch? Is SKYDIVING. That's right.

Saturday I will be posting my will. Please check back. It's important that I have witnesses and such. If you have a request of any of my personal items, let me know. I'm taking my vibrators with me.

So yeah. I'm going to sign off for the night here- but I need to clean my house like a maniac because HEY! My mother in law will be here tomorrow to watch my kids during yard sale. Which means: clean house thoroughly.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sara, I call dibs on your books if you die. Which, I really hope you don't so we can hang out again. But I'm scared you will because SKYDIVING!?!?! OMFG. If I prayed I would pray for you. You better text me and let you know you're not dead. For real.

But seriously. I hope things go... smoothly this weekend, lol. Text if you feel like you're losing your mind and going to kill someone, I'll try to talk you down. And just keep telling yourself - True Blood on Sunday.

Danielle said...

Goodluck this weekend! It sounds like it's going to be super super busy! But hopefully you'll make a lot of $$ to do fun things for the rest of the summer!!!! I can't wait to hear about skydiving! I'm scared to death to do it myself, therefore I'm living vicariously through you! :)

Ruth said...

hey! It's fucking monsoon season here too.
I'd be a nightmare if I tried to do all that stuff in just a few days.
Just the thought is giving me an anxiety attack.
Good luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

I call dibs on the cat that fucks the towels and blankets. That is some funny shit!

I hope you have fun and BE SAFE!! I don't know what I would do without my lambwhore leader.


RandomRambler said...

Send some of that rain in my direction! We've been bone dry here for weeks...

Another David said...

you realize, of course, that by wearing sublock, you're ensuring that it WILL raing