Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Q&A, Fun Stuff

Well this weekend is already shaping up to be awesome. Today I went shopping with my mom and brother and not only did I find two shirts AND two bras- I found new jewelry. I know- I'm a sucker for jewelry. Thankfully, I have it put away and the tags in the bottom of the garbage so Matt won't even notice. :)

Tomorrow I am going to the Lilith Fair in Minneapolis, courtesy of Krysten who won the tickets. The lineup looks pretty solid: Mary J. Blige, Heart, Court Yard Hounds, Metric, Kate Nash, Vedera, Chantal Kreviazuk, Vita Chambers, Bella Ruse, and Sarah McLachlan. Now, some of these I know, some will be new to me- but I'm excited nonetheless. I'm only slightly nervous that all the ones I want to see are later in the day and I know that there is NO WAY I can stay passed 8 or 9. I have a 2.5 hour drive back home...AND I work on Monday. *bleary eyes*. Ugh. We'll see. Maybe I'll rally. Which is why I'm posting NOW because I'm going to bed early. ;)

Anyways. So I also got a fun surprise from Mr. O, whom everyone knows I adore, in the mail today. He sent me the one Anberlin CD I can't find anywhere locally, Lost Songs. It's bascially all covers of awesome songs and I'm really excited about it because I love me some Anberlin. I also got the nicest handwritten letter. I don't think I've ever told Mr. O how much I adore getting handwritten things in the mail so that was an excellent surprise.

Lastly, one of my readers posted a few questions on my post from Thursday...and since I try not to disappoint- here you go:

Q: Where is the weirdest place that you've done it. I haven't been very adventurous as far as having sex in places that aren't a bedroom, but I've done it once! It was in a park in Superior that was only a few blocks from where my boyfriend at the time lived. We were in the middle of the field, at night, right next to two busy roads. I think it only happened because I was wearing a dress. Whatever. It was a short encounter, anyways. Coincidentally- they later built a skate park on the area we um...were.

Q: Have your kids every found um...your 'stash of pleasure' if they ever did, how would you respond? If they have, I don't know about it. Except we have it pretty well hidden. It also helps that our bedroom is right off the living room, so if they were playing in my room I would know it. AND I'd heard my closet doors open. AND they'd have to drag in a step stool. ;) But it wouldn't phase me if they did find it. Depending on their age, I would just explain that these's are mommy & daddy toys only. And that our room is meant to be private.

Q: Have you ever fallen asleep during sex? I don't remember ever doing that. Usually if I'm really THAT tired, I let my hubs know it's not going to happen tonight and he respects that. But I have to think that would be horrible if you are doing what you think is your best and your partner is snoring. Oh well. BUT I have woken up to Matt initiating sex- and that's always kind of nice.

Q: What are you views with regards to eating in bed, does your cleaning compulsion drive you nuts? OK- I will admit, I have been known to snack in bed. BUT, I usually get a small towel and set it on my lap. ;) But usually if I am eating bed, it's when Matt runs and gets us ice cream. So I eat ice cream while watching dirty movies with him. And if I do happen to make a mess I've been known to change the sheets ASAP.
Q: Which cheese best suits a burger? I know when I eat a burger I like to have Cheddar AND Swiss. If a place doesn't have Cheddar, I'll settle for American. I can't eat a burger without cheese. I don't like any other stuff on it (except ketchup. Obviously.).

Q: weirdest fantasy (not including the venerable, articulate Mr. Pattinson). Hmmm... well I'll admit to being part of the club that doesn't really fantasize. Usually that does nothing for me because I either have a shittastic imagination or I require the real thing to get me going. But I will tell you that I read a LOT of super trashy romance novels. I can't help myself. I like to live vicariously through them. And the ones I've always really liked were the ones with men in either the Navy Seals, Black Ops, undercover/not-really-a-person-listed-anywhere programs and me. But in these scenarios I'm the one they fall for and I'm the one that they are trying to save from danger, etc. I totally understand how dangerous these careers are and how these books kind of glorify them- but I can't help it. Just ONCE I'd like to be in a situation with a super hot guy saving me and falling in love with me. Like all of the planets lining up at the right moment. :) With that said, I'm reading a bunch of Lora Leigh books, specifically her Navy SEAL series (the hotness) and so far, all of the guys are into really rough sex. And if we're being honest, I will say that I prefer to having semi-rough sex. I don't like the tender/gentleness...I prefer that fast and hard sex, the more primal, the better. I don't know. I get so impatient with the slow and tender and I want to GO. And I want to go for a long time. One time? Not enough. Don't bother if that's it. ;)

OK- anything more you want to know? Just ask. :)

Have a fabulous weekend and hopefully Monday I'll have some pictures from Lilith Fair to share with you!


The Insatiable Host said...

Have such a great time! Also congrats on the 2 bras and T's's been a hella long time since I have been shopping for myself, so I know the feeling.

As for your Q&A's I am quite enjoying the questions you're being's funny should get Matt to answer them....

Have a great day hooker!

____j said...

If you could actually read the letter, Matt probably didn't write it himself.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

We'll make the best of tomorrow - like I said, there's always COFFEE. It doesn't help me unless I'm downing multiple shots of espresso but I never turn down caffeine =-)

And I am SO GLAD I'm not the only one that's not big into the slow, tender sex. At least if that makes me weird it makes you weird too ;-)

See ya tomorrow lady!

Alpha Za said...

haha, thanks for not disappointing. Excellent answers. Pity you couldn't tell any of your kids that they were concieved in a cool place. Like the middle of the local highschools football field.

Shanel said...

Love the Q&A ---sex talk is always interesting anyway.
BTW thanks to you I'll be going skydiving soon--- after reading your post I wanna try it and I never would have before.

Annah said...

I hope you had a great time at Lillith Fair and that you took wonderful pictures!