Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Senior Year

So we've seen my elementary school pictures, we've gone down some school memories, we've recapped my ten year high school reunion. What I didn't include were my senior graduation pictures or other memories that are by far the standout memories from high school for me.

Here's the picture of me in my senior yearbook--- Sara circa 1999. Graduating class of 2000 from Superior Senior High School.
Fun fact. This was taken on the second day of school. On the first day of my senior year I had gone to school with hair to the middle of my back. After school I was going to get my hair trimmed for my grad pictures and the lady said I should cut it all off. I figured why not- and bam. I got a pixie cut that I loved. I got a few highlights and I was set. The stylist next to us was hyperventilating when she saw all of my hair on the ground. Then I went to school the next day and nobody recognized me.

But in my senior year my best friend was Amanda. Amanda and I had been friends since tenth grade and we bonded over the fact that we had crushes on guys who didn't notice us. And we desperately wanted to go to a formal dance. Her crush was nicknamed "Turtle" and mine was nicknamed "Ernie". Now, Turtle has turned out to be a complete fucking pervert who I've had to deal with on Facebook--you'll remember from the reunion recap that he's the creeper with the wife. I actually talked to my crush at the reunion and figured I would fess up. So John- FYI-- your nickname was Ernie. Sorry. There's no rhyme or reason to it, it was the first thing I could think of when we decided it would be smarter to use code names. But John is getting married to a friend I had when I went to elementary school in another town. Totally small world. Anyways...

.. so when we didn't have dates to the formal dances we would take turns doing sleep overs. Winter dance was at her house and prom was at my house. We would pig the fuck out on junk food, watch sad movies, make up dances to disco music and talk about how gross sex was going to be. We've obviously changed our mind on the last one but still. So the picture on yesterday's post of us eating cake was totally fitting because when I think of Amanda I think of our high school crushes and eating junk food.

I remember I died the day Amanda told me that John had gotten a job at Taco Bell where she worked. I was so fucking jealous but knew that I couldn't drive all the way to east end for a lame ass 10 hours a week. No way would I have enough gas money. But Amanda would call me from work to tell me anything John said. LOL. But I remembered ONCE he talked to me on the phone. I can't remember if I peed myself of not but I do remember being ridiculously excited. He asked me if I would be interested in going to this party out in the country and there was going to be a hot tub. I totally said I was busy because I'm a fucking retard and that was it- he never talked to me on the phone again. I was devastated. And he never said a word to me at school so then I thought maybe he didn't actually know who I was which is beyond embarrassing. But let me tell you- the night I lost my virginity the first thought in my head was that I could have lost it a year earlier in a hot tub with my crush. Fucking fail on my part.

But another memory from high school that I will never forget- the boy who couldn't read. OK. So his name was Jeff and me, Kate, Lindsay, and Renee all sat next to each other in 11th grade English. Jeff was a jock and he would make fun of pretty much everyone in the class. No matter what you did- Jeff would make fun of you in front of everyone. Well one day the teacher had us read parts of The Crucible out loud in a round robin way. You know what I'm talking about. Well...when it came to Jeff he stumbled. He could read...he just couldn't read out loud very well. And the four of us girls sat stunned on the other end of the classroom. FINALLY this asshole is going to get laughed at. But nobody laughed. Fast forward to the end of the year. We had to break off into groups and come up with a campaign to make English better the next year. We had to come up with a slogan/catch phrase and do a presentation. Our slogan? "Hey Kids! Learn to Read!" We made a poster and entire campaign on the importance of learning how to read and read out loud. Jeff? Looked like he was going to die of embarrassment and piss his pants right there. Serves you right asshole. It was the best "fuck you" I think I ever did in high school. He showed up to the reunion and Renee RIGHT AWAY remembered our campaign. He probably can't read still but he figured out how to bedazzle the back of his shirt. Oy vey.

What else... oh. Senior year- I was in FBLA. We won a spot on the state competition and all went to Green Bay. I was supposed to compete as a delegate. But guess who had an extreme urinary tract infection AND food poisoning? This chick. Guess who got to puke non stop for 3 days with Mrs. Hubbard sitting in my room to make sure I didn't die while we watched "Walker: Texas Ranger" and read Cosmopolitan? This chick. That trip was awful. Seriously awful.

Things I was into when I was in high school: Billabong and pretty much anything from Pacific Sunwear. I always rocked my VANS sneakers or my Adidas shell tops. I had every color except for yellow because yellow is for pussies. I wore jeans pretty much every day with a skater tshirt and a gray zip up hoodie sweatshirt. I had a necklace that had two guitar picks on it from a boy I met online who was cool as hell- his name was Brandon. He made me mix tapes that were so good I'd cry listening to them. I had Marilyn Manson posters on my wall. I had a green Jansport backpack that had things pinned to it all over: buttons, two plastic rabbit stretchy things, ribbons, guitar picks, bottle caps, etc. Anything I could get a safety pin through it was on there. I was really into the Smashing Pumpkins, anything punk or heavy metal, Elastica, etc. In my senior year I was engaged to JR and thought I had my whole life figured out. Obviously that didn't work out and I'll talk about my time capsule and JR tomorrow.

So. What were you like in your senior year of high school? What was your favorite memory?


Unknown said...

What was I like senior year of highschool? Super skate chick dork lol I don't really have a favorite memory. For some reason my senior year was probably one of the loneliest. I only had three classes there and my boyfriend at the time didn't go to my school. So I spent about a total of 3 hours a day at school. Senior year is supposed to be not true lol

Julie H said...

ahhh high school memories. fun...

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sara you ROCKED that haircut. Seriously. I always kind of wanted to get a pixie cut but have been way too chicken. Obviously I bow down to you.

All my good memories involved my ex-best friends, which is kind of sad because there are SO MANY great memories but it's hard to think back without feeling sad that they aren't my friends anymore. Kinda lame.

Alpha Za said...

hmm, favorite memory of highschool.

gluing the asst. head mistresses hand set to her phone, gluing the wiring to the floor and smearing the room with COD Oil pills.

Putting a fire cracker in a teachers cigs....

The Caffeinated Librarian said...

Hi Sara! You've won my coupon book giveaway! Can you email your home address to me at


Chicken said...

You and I had the same haircut! That crap took forever and a day for me to grow out! But we were brave!

Asha said...

I'm enjoying your walk down memory lane. I guess I started reading your blog just in time, eh?

In high school, I embraced the drama club. I was that girl. By senior year I was drama club president. With the facebook mixer of today, I'm beginning to find out that people I had no idea knew I even existed actually did...not going to say they like or liked me but they know I

Keep the flashbacks coming.

Another David said...

I'm glad you had a good time in high school, it was a disaster for me. I'm really bad with peer pressure and tried really really hard to get people to think of me as something other than the nerdy little jewish kid. Didn't work. It wasn't until senior year that I actually started to have some semblance of a spine, be myself, and have friends who liked me for me.

PS, this is my bi-weekly "catching up on sara's life" time, so expect a bunch mroe comments in the next hour or so.

Anonymous said...

I was trying to post this comment last night and got interupted (damn having to be a domestic diva).

One of my memories from my senior year? Well, I broke up with my high school sweetheart in February of that year and then FREAKED THE FUCK OUT because I didn't want to miss my senior prom in May. So a very very close friend of mine, Nelson (the super cute and awesome skater boy with dreds to his ass) promised me that no matter what the circumstances, he would take me to the prom (he was a junior).

Fast forward three months and HE has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend; but we still took each other to the prom. My boyfriend was PISSED, but he wasn't in school and didn't want to go anyway; but HIS girlfriend was even MORE pissed off.

We had a fucking blast and those prom pics are some of my favorites.

Did I mention he was sexy as HELL??