Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So my house still is in progress. Like we expected anything different.

I know I've complained about the state of my house many times. But seriously- this is what I'm working with.

And FYI- for those of you who don't know what this is- this is my door bell thingie. It's super vintage yall. It stopped working and Matt took the cover off to investigate. It still looks like this several months later. I won't even get into the fact it's not centered above the arch.

But the thing that is really grating on my nerves (besides the laundry room sink that *surprise* after 5 years is still not installed...I'm so close to it..) is the siding on the house. Now, for those of you who don't know me in real life, we put on a huge addition to our house in 2007. That year was a particularly rough year in our marriage and I'm not so sure that it didn't rear it's head because of the addition. It's no secret that Matt and I have poor communication skills (example: The Infamous Kayak Trip) so it would only stand to reason that any kind of home improvement project (for those of you non home-owners that requires lots of communication) would be a strain on our marriage. And sanity.

So Matt did a lot of the work himself. And I will be the first to admit that I have been extremely lucky at how handy he is. He can really do just about anything and if he doesn't know how to, he has friends that do and will help out. We've both benefited from this and it's saved us a lot of money. The flipside to this means that I'm also on his schedule. Which means we'll get around to it. Sometime. Maybe. Eventually. Maybe.

Case in point- the siding. Now, almost my entire house is sided. Except the small area where our raised ceiling for the upstairs bathroom is and the back porch.

That's my back porch. It looks really ghetto fabulous right now.
ooh-- this is the new window! We bought the window and then it sat in the garage for a few weeks. Until I told Matt one day before dinner that I want that window installed NOW before it gets broken in the garage.

So I think it's funny that Jackson looks all sad in this picture. Like "wah wah...our back porch sucks. For only a quarter a day you can help our house not look so lame." (Seriously- I have what? 318 followers now? That's almost $80 day if you ALL gave me a quarter. You should do that because then maybe I can hire a contractor!)

But Matt has delayed this for three years. He's almost done- why won't he just finish it? I don't think he's prolonging it to hear my nagging that's for sure. But his first excuse was you know, we had no starter strip. So I bought that for under $15. Well then we better wait until we get a new window. So we got the new window. Well then he couldn't borrow the brake- but then after several nagging days/weeks later...the brake is in our yard to bend whatever you bend. So NOW the excuse is the steps. Yup- too close to the house. So he dug up part of the sidewalk (WTF??) and there it is. Seriously- I'll get a picture of my steps/sidewalk soon. It's nuts. So I told Matt he has to get this done before winter. I can't go another winter with freezing air and snow coming into the house.

Please tell me other people live like this is and it's just my husband. Please. Lie to me if you have to.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dustin's not entirely handy so, to be honest, if we needed something like this done I would call my dad and ask him to do it.

I love my husband but he's better at fixing my car than the house.

Unknown said...

My husband is very handy. And cheap. Therefore he does all the house repairs himself. Which is why, when he added a second bathroom, I almost had to leave him because it took him 3+ months. When he promised me he only needed 4 weeks. He started back in Nov, by March, he had finally finished caulking the shower so it could be usable. 3 years ago, he made a new cabinet door for our kitchen. 3 years later, it is still not painted to match the rest of the cabinets. And he wonders why I have an eye twitch.

no said...

Haha, my dad is exactly like this! They haven't had a complete bathroom in 15 years!

Glad I'm the one in charge of the projects around here.

Anonymous said...

Sara, Sara, Sara....the stories we could swap!!

My husband is the handiest dude around. If it can be built by hand, Joshua can do it. HOWEVER, finishing anything is the real challenge. We have completely renovated this house over the last 8 years and not ONE project has been completed 100%. The living room and dining room still have to have the outlets changed out from cream to white; the family room still has to have to ceiling trimmed out; the kitchen still needs shoe molding and weatherstripping around the window; the downstairs bathroom needs the rest of the crown molding to be done.....and that is just the downstairs. That is not all four bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. I have a bathroom that is almost completely finished except for the bathroom door put back on the hinges. THE FUCKING DOOR!!!! He wonders why I don't like to use that bathroom....um, yeah, I want a door to close while I take a shit - okay?? If it were so easy as hanging the door, then shit...I can do that. But of course the door doesn't fit anymore, it has to be shaved down or something, so yeah.....no door after three years.

Not to mention to fucking HUGE ASS porch we started LAST SUMMER and we bought all the shit for it because we knew we wouldn't be able to afford it this year, and the shit still isn't done!!!


Bottom line? YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Mrs Midnite said...

I live on my own so shouldn't have this but I took up my hall carpet when I moved in and my brother said he would fit a floor. This will save some money because if he doesn't do it I'd be paying. 3 years in I painted the floorboards white to try to make it look nicer. A further 4 years on and the paint is wearing off, still no floor!

Jenn said...

Um, yeah. I told my boyfriend he better get all the stuff done BEFORE we move in, or he wouldn't be coming with me. A year later everything is 80-90% finished and he lives here. Eye twitches? I've moved on to whole body twitches.