Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Big Reveal

I have had a super great weekend so far. Which is really nice because even though I've been go-go-go so far, it's been relaxing and fun. Does that make sense? Probably not but you know how I roll.

So do you remember last week when I talked about Tammy getting her nose pierced and I was all pussy wussy about it?

Well guess what?

I did it! And guess what? (excuse the picture- this is me after 4 hours of sleep, no makeup and no shower.)

Tammy freaking lied about the pain. Because it? Hurt like a mother-fucker-bitch. I'm not joking. The only other pain I could really compare is child birth, but that's kind of dramatic. So I'm going to go with stitches after childbirth. (Look that up for some fun.)

So here's what happened- I stewed all week about it. I thought I'd have the money to do it but then I didn't, and yeah--I was sad. And I thought maybe that was a sign. So then I went to lunch with Lisa on Friday which was really great because we've both been ridiculously busy since April so yeah. Anyways. We're at lunch and I casually mention I was thinking about doing it. She tells me she wants hers re-pierced and so we kind of joked about going together sometime.

Even as an adult, I can't do anything alone.

So Friday night, after dinner- Matt gives me $50- he fixed a computer and got paid. So I'm like, bonus. Then he's like, "You should just go and get it done." So I call Tammy, who agrees to drive us and she's laughing because she knows I wanted to do it. Then I call Lisa, who was in her pajamas but decided to come anyways and she'll do it too.

Have I mentioned I'm really good at peer pressure? Because I am.

Anyways- so we meet up and we drive over to the place in Duluth. The same guys were working and it was decided that I would go first because if I don't it just gives me time to pussy out. So the guy doing it was really nice and really cute. So you know, that helps. He cleans my nose, tells me that the weirdest part is going to be the tube he puts in my nose so he doesn't pierce all the way through. Then he counts to three and let's just say- it was a DAMN good thing I was sitting on my hands because I would have instinctively reached out and he was the closest thing to me. Seriously. It hurt that bad. I don't think I bled, at least I didn't see, feel or smell any but my one eye did water. A lot.

What I didn't anticipate was the constant throbbing afterwards. Seriously. Anyways- so Lisa went after me after I declared it hurt like a bitch and everyone laughed. But here's our picture right after we were both done:
By the way- how much are you loving my Kings of Leon shirt? This is the one I got in Chicago and it's a Venus Fly Trap----with a fly in it. Bad ass, yo.

Afterwards Lisa went home and Tammy & I had ice cream then went to see Eclipse again. Don't judge us. When I got home I cleaned it like I'm supposed to and then realized that the possibility of me hurting myself in my sleep was pretty good, but then praised my unintentional brain power because I sleep on my left side mostly and I have my right side pierced. Go, Sara Super Smarts.

When I woke up I felt awful. I have a fever which may or may not be related to my piercing because Olivia has a cold and I may be getting that. Which is going to be fun when I can barely move my face, let alone blow my nose. I took a shower and the shampoo?? In the hole?? PAINFUL. Ugh.

Seriously- if this thing ever falls out or heals up- I most likely won't get it re-done. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking but it does look kind of cool. I'm sure it'll look better when my nose isn't puffy.


Anonymous said...

good for you- oh yeah I forgot to mention that little part about the pain when I mentioned the cons the other day ~ I have pictures on FB of the entire process when I got mine done. yeah it hurt like a mother effer. I screamed and cried like a lil bitch. My sister on the other hand didn't even flinch. she is a bitch anyways.... but it looks really cute on you. You won't be disappointed.


Jen said...

Be careful when you dry off your face with a towel! Mine got stuck on the towel... not fun :)

Asha said...

Taaaa-Da! Looks good...I'm glad you stopped being a pansy. lol BTW, worst piercings I ever got was my nipples. VERY painful not to mention the burning sensation that followed for weeks after similar to the gorged sensation you get after being preggers. Even getting my clit pierce had NOTHING on the nips, only my tongue came remotely close. Enjoy your piercing, hun!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

And that is why I get tattoos. They only hurt a little and only while it's getting done.

If you ever want to go get a tat I'm totally due for another!

And how nice of Matt to hand over the money to do it!

Annah said...

Nose pierced? You serious!!?!?

E said...

yea for rightside nose piercings! Sorry it hurt, mine hardly did at all, but we all have nerves in different places. Pro to facial piercings, the face heals quickly. Your nose should be good in no time. And I think it looks really good.

Jennifer Kay said...

You will be so happy that you did it instead of thinking "what if". I think it looks super cute!

Lady Grey said...

Ow! That really looks painful... but hey! you look cool! and you are definitely more gutsy than me...I almost chickened-out of having my ears pierced!

Jandy xx said...

Go you! I didn think it was possible, but you just got awesomer!!! it looks gorgeous... and i'm tipping if you look that good with no make up, no shower, maybe you should stop putting on make up and showering!

Ang said...

looks great!!

Nicki said...

Looks GREAT! Good for you for staring pain in the face and getting something you wanted.

Sadako said...

Congrats! Good for you for doing something you wanted, even though it hurt!

Anonymous said...

Way to go girlo!!! See, I knew you could pull that shit off! Me? I got my belly button pierced at 16 and that was painful enough for me.

But think about that. I was 16, it was in 1992. WAY before it was commonplace to get it done. I got mine done in the back of a t-shirt shop in Myrtle Beach with my best friend by a dude that has like 2 teeth. This was SO long ago, he did it with a gun!! Not a needle, a fucking gun they use for your ears.

Needless to say, Joshua loved it when we first met, and people I knew had never seen it done on anyone, so yeah...I was kinda a celebrity for it. (Remember, I do live in the Bible Belt deep south.) got ripped out about two years later. Not THAT was fucking painful. And I still have a scar to boot.


Sara said...

AW! I'd go for another hole in the ear before a nose hole. Sorry!

Just Plain Tired said...

While I can't feature getting my nose pierced the fact that you ate ice cream afterword makes it alright with the world. Enjoyed the post, almost felt as though I witnessed the event, and pain involved.

Unknown said...

Oooh- didn't even think about all the aftermath (shampoo in the nose hole, etc). You are brave!

Saying hi from 20SB. Come visit me at any time :)

Sara Strand said...

@Susan- I didn't cry or yell. I think I may have whimpered, but the guy said I was one of his best.

@Jen- good to know.

@Asha- I need a button that says "I'm not a pansy"

@Krysten- I have a tattoo but I'm saving up for my second one.

@E,Jennifer Kay, Ang, Nicki, Sadako- thanks!

@Natacha- fun fact: I cried getting my ears pierced. Then on my 2nd and 3rd holes I held the stuffed bear and STILL cried. Biggest baby ever.

@Amber- I would never get my belly done. Nobody would want to see that.

@Sara- I think I"m done with piercings.

@JPT- ice cream makes everything better.

@Kerry- brave or stupid...jury is still out.

Another David said...

I'm terrible with peer pressure as well. In high school I got my ear pierced because this cute girl was getting her belly button pierced and wanted someone to go with her. So I thought they'd just break out the gun and it'd all be done in two second, right? WRONG! Guns are for fuckin pussies, they say. Piercing isn't about pretty pieces of metal, it's an art; it has a tradition and a history, they tell me. Here, they pierce people the way people should be pierced.

With 14-gauge needle.

No joke, 14 G's. Fuck. My. Life. I remember not being able to sleep on that side for a week it hurt so bad. I took it out about two and a half years ago, and while the hole has closed up (at least i'm pretty sure it has, though I haven't exactly checked), the dents are still there and I don't think they'll ever go away.