Wednesday, October 27, 2010

At some point I might actually grow up.

Do you remember how last year I kind of took a step into adulthood by buying my first winter jacket? Well this entire week it's been raining and windy as hell and last night? It fucking snowed. Thank god we had nothing in Superior, but we drove up on the hill in Duluth and yeah....they have snow...on the ground. SADS. But this actually reminded me that my jacket from last year? Is not going to work. Mostly because most of the buttons have fallen off and I think I only have one. And I can't even tell you where that is because instead of putting in pocket...I think I put it somewhere safe. Evidently it's somewhere I rarely go because I can't find the fucker.

But it doesn't matter anyways because (confession time) I can't sew. I can't even sew a button. I pretty much just throw something out or give it to the free store in the event a button falls off. I understand that technically I could learn how to sew but it doesn't interest me and frankly- it's an excuse to go shopping.

And after having those really cute boots that were $120 that only went barely to my ankles for an entire winter- I can tell you they are basically useless. I can't even tell you how many times my ankles were frozen or my pants soaking wet.

This means, basically, that an advancements into adulthood I have previously made are rendered moot. Fuck.

On the bright side- this means I can go shopping. Which if I want to go hiking in the ice caves of Bayfield, I need proper winter gear. And oh god... I think that means I need snowpants. I haven't worn snow pants since I was in third grade and I fucking hated them then. I can't walk, I feel fat, and they make that annoying "swish swish" noise that I hate. I seriously look at people with windpants and stuff and I'm always like, "Wow- look at that asshole". Matt has a pair of these things he wears ALL OF THE TIME and I fucking hate it. It's like- just put some real pants on, will ya? *sigh*

Oh- here's my other dilemma. So tomorrow Krysten and I are going to be in Minneapolis for the Maroon 5/One Republic concert. Be jealous lambwhores. (Which is why you won't have a post from me for tomorrow and I know you're sad but I'm pretty sure you won't kill yourself.) (And in the event you do, I am not going to accept any liability for that.) But I pretty much having nothing to wear. I went through Target really quick and found some sweaters...but I don't know. Nothing made my happy spot feel special. All of my fun concert clothes are too big for me now (which is GREAT except that a few of those shirts I really loved...). So I don't know. I can't wear just a t-shirt because it'll be cold. But I don't want to wear something too warm because I'll die sweating. The problems in my world are big, folks.

Before I go tonight you need to go to Jamie's blog and sign up for her Blogger Mail Swap snazzy thing. You might even get lucky enough to get me and get an early start on my Christmas gifts. Or send me dirty and perverted presents. Last month Amber got me and she got me the COOLEST stuff. See if you can top it. ;) And in the event that you get irritated with Christmas, or want to read a great post, visit my new BFF Neal over at his blog. If you aren't following his blog you need to now. I think that if we can all just peer pressure him, he'll continue blogging when he goes on his adventures in a few months. :)


____j said...

Even though I want it to get cooler down here, I definitely DON'T want it to snow. Thanks for the shoutout!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ugh Sara, had I know you were in need of a winter coat I wouldn't have given the 3 old ones that I had away! Girl you have got to speak up!

But... it's not like we're outside THAT much if you think about it so you probably won't die. Hopefully. And if you do at least I don't have to share the boys with you ;-)

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

FinnyKnits said...

How is it that you haven't fallen for Wellies with that shit-tastic weather y'all have up there? Get yourself some cute Wellies at Target (where they're $15 instead of $80) and quit it with the wet pant hems. Yeck.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

What? Once you said Shopping I kinda zoned out.

AmberLaShell said...

I am so glad I live in dallas and don't have to worry about the extreme winter crap

Annah said...

Sewing sucks. I can sew a button, but Lord knows I procrastinate on doing that if one ever falls off. BORING.

Have fun at the concert!

Just Plain Tired said...

Snow? I could have waited another week or so to see that word yanno. ;)

Have a great time at the concert, even if going naked becomes a choice. Just another option to consider since I didn't see you mention it. :)

Lost said...

BFF stands for best fuckin' friend, right? :D


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Cute shoes are never warm shoes, or waterproof.

I haven't bought a winter coat in about 5 years now. I'd love to get one but DH feels there is nothing wrong with the one I have & I really can't argue that.

Anonymous said...

Um.....props for growing up lover. We have to do it eventually.

And as for the cool shit I sent you? Well, that is because me and you? Fucking awesome.

We are bestie soul mates lover.

Julie H said...

Sewing a button on is like the easiest thing ever. Just go buy some new ones at Wal Mart (take your jacket and make sure they fit through the holes)

I had bought Scott some pants like that for the snow one time. And he kept wearing them like ALL the time. Finally had to hide them.

Helena said...

Are you ever not going to a concert?

Another David said...

I'm sure you can find snow pants that don't do all of those things you mentioned. Look for pants with denser insulation, like 60g or something, so they'll be more compact. You can also try getting something a little lighter with long underwear on underneath. That works pretty well for me - I went skiing in zero degrees (farenheit, FYI) with medium weight ski pants and polypropylene long underwear, and I felt just fine.