Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cards and Poop

Man- I have had a particularly trying afternoon. But first, check out two new things I put into my Etsy shop that you must buy. (Because I'm out of Pepsi and money. Big SADS.)

Aren't these cute? I got to make a whore of that stamp which was a virgin in my shelf. That is not good considering I've had the stamp well over two years. (This is where Matt begins his "do you really need that" argument to which I always answer yes and list all the things I could do with it but then never do. Don't judge me.) I made myself a set because I need to send some thank you's out and yeah..I'm out. :) But these HERE.
 And then I made these for the upcoming Get Sketchy challenge except I don't know if I like them so much for that. But I have no time to make another to enter so this will have to work. But what I discovered is I need a big circle punch. Because tracing the bottom of a juice glass and then cutting these things out is kind of a pain. So rest assured when you buy these HERE you'll know a lot of time went into these. And a lot of swearing because I couldn't find my awesome scissors.

This Friday I have a project being showcased on Fashionably Organized so when I know about that I will put the link up on here. I have a project I want to do on there which is driving me nuts because I cannot for the life of me find my template. I can visualize what it looks like and where it should be...except it isn't anywhere it should or could be. I'm getting very angry about it and let's just say Batman, who usually likes to sit on my feet while I work, refused to come into the dining room at all. It's not been a good scene.

Those of you who have been around here long enough will maybe remember my war against poop up in my house. (HERE, HERE, and of course- the Poop Incident- a must read for newbies to the blog and anyone who thinks having kids is fun). Since we've changed Olivia's diet to have a LOT of fiber in it and give her Benefiber every day, and have Miralax as back up she's been on a routine of pooping every other day. I can't get it so she goes every day unless it's watery and that's worse. So she poops every other day, a big ball the size of a baseball. Fun times. But at least it's in the toilet and we haven't had any accidents.

Well this morning when I dropped the kids off at my mom's I told my mom that Livi needs to poop- it's the third day so this isn't good. My mom will then give Olivia another dose of Benefiber and make a lunch with a lot of fiber in it. Which is tricky since my kids don't like veggies and fruits. Anyways. So my mom said Livi tried really hard but nothing happened. And that sucks because that's my cue that it's going to be a hard night of making her go to the bathroom and it's a battle.

I get to her preschool to pick her up (Jackson and I walked since it was so nice out) and I see there is a bag on her hook.

Full of poopy underwear. Fabulous.

The teacher tells me Olivia informed her at the park that she pooped and she told Olivia to tell her when she had to go- they could easily have walked back. And when Olivia sees me I can tell she was upset about it because we've talked about how you don't want to be "that kid" that smells. You know that kid. Anyways. So I ask her what was up and she just said she didn't feel it coming, which is how I know she's plugged up. So we walk for about an hour and then played in the yard. I asked her FIVE times if she had to go and she kept telling me no.

Matt comes home and we decide we're going out to eat. Well I smell poop and immediately check Jackson, totally fine. I check Olivia (who had no underwear on since she ruined those at school) and find that she?? Pooped. A lot. In her pants and obviously it had been awhile since it was caked into the pants and her legs. Because of course we have a slide in our yard and every time she went down it just makes a bigger mess. So after trying to clean the pants out (gagging) we determine they are a lost cause. Goodbye $7 pants from Kohl's. *sigh* She's upset but I'm even madder because she's five and dammit- we've done this already.

Both kids got baths tonight and she eventually pooped two balls the size of softballs but her stomach is still rock hard and distended. Which means she's full of poop. I told her she can try on her own tomorrow but if she doesn't poop on her own we have to do an enema. When I say "we" I mean Matt, by the way. And we don't call them enemas here- she calls them "butt squirts". Yay. It's an exciting life I'm leading here.


Veronica M. D. said...

Oh man ... I feel like I have things like this to look forward to what with all the tummy problems Josephine has already had. I'll commiserate with you in a few years. ;)

Angela said...

Little kids and poop...everyone's favorite combination. I had an incident at work yesterday, where the youngest boy had to poop, but just wouldn't go. He ran around the house for an hour crying and screaming that he had to poop, but he was scared. The funny thing is, in between crying and screaming, he went pee in the toilet twice. I even tried calling his Mom to get her to talk to him and she had no luck. He eventually cried himself to sleep. It was a rough day.

Danielle said...

First of all, I love the new cards!! They are so cute! Second, where can I get some cute, cheap, but good quality stamps?? This is the only thing I feel I'm really lacking in my scrap book room (for now) and I don't even know where to begin!! Third, is this what I have to look forward to when I start potty training? Ugh! I can't stand poop. Poor thing it had to be awful for her today!!!! And of course you as well! Hopefully she'll go tomorrow so she can avoid the butt squirt!

Shirley said...

Have you tried Colace? You can buy the liquid form over the counter at your pharmacy for about 3 bucks. My 4 year old has horrible constipation all the time and he has to take it daily and sometimes twice daily but he is much happier and doesn't have to get embarrassed.

Annah said...

Oh Dios. I feel for you, mija.

I have poop problems too, but canine related. YUCKA

Just Plain Tired said...

The lack of soda and money is sad indeed. The pop situation just drives that home even harder.

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Awe! I know how ur daughter feels, when I was a kid, I had the same problem.

Give her a hug...cause butt squirts BLOW (pardon the pun)


ps. try raisins (measurement 1 cup twice in a day)) she should poop after that!

Jean said...

Poor lil' poopy daughter. :-(
Seven dollar pants were a good deal.

Jennie @ Modern Mamaz said...

The glamourous life of a mother!

Jen said...

We've had the poop problem too, here's what helps for us: her drinking LOTS of water, bananas, dried apricots (or any dried fruit), more exercise, tummy massages with some oil, probiotics (do you get yakult drinks over there? its like a yoghurt drink with extra good bacteria, my daughter likes it). Also, this sounds weird, but put a big box under her feet when she sits on the toilet so her knees are higher than her hips. Its a LOT easier to poop and causes less straining.