Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cuteness, Murder, and Things That Are Pissing Me Off.

Well I just got down with a 45 minute showdown in the bathroom with Olivia over poop. I won out even though I think she knows I really, really, REALLY hate giving enemas and I almost wavered. But I didn't and she pooped. And now the entire bathroom stinks to high heaven. I swear to you, this better not go into her teenage years otherwise I'm screwed.

Anyways. Here are some cute pictures of me and the kids today- tell me my makeup and hair aren't fierce.
 Do you love Jackson's face? That's basically what I get 75% of the time. And Olivia totally looks constipated.
 But then she got better but wasn't looking at the camera and wouldn't let me take another picture.
 And Jackson was trying to give me his "serious" face. I can't help it if it's funny.

OK- on with tonight's show. How HILARIOUS is this award? My girl Kate bestowed this one on me so thank you chick. I think I'm glad you aren't killing anyone??

Can we talk about some things that are really pissing me off? Of course we can because this is my blog and that's how I'm rolling this evening.

1. Taylor Swift. Taylor, please. GET A LIFE. I love your cd's and think you are as cute as a button but honey- get over it. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you suck. But recently she wrote a song about bullying. I know bullying is in the news a lot and while I don't condone bullying and all that... get over it. WHY does she have to write a song about it? This isn't fucking Farm Aid. Or Live Aid. Or We Are The World. Dang. Please tell me one person who hasn't been bullied in their life over anything. Right- you hear that silence? Because everyone has at one time or another. But whatever, do what you want. But what is killing me is that she writes this soon after the whole Kanye West song. Which, hello? FUCKING SUCKED. It sounds like she's talking about pedophile victims and whatnot. She's driving me nuts and if her whole cd is going to be retaliation songs like this I am going to skip it. Plus? She can't sing live. I'm sorry- but the girl was never meant to be a live singer. She needs auto tune like I need oxygen and pepsi.

2. Lady Gaga. Please fucking god let her lose her voice. Something. I can't take another album. The fact that so many people think this he-she is talented just blows me away. My tolerance with Perez Hilton is almost to none because EVERY DAY he's posting about her and her supposed awesome, which I have yet to see. Today she made a video about bullying. Yay world.

3. Teen Mom, specifically Amber & Gary. Seriously. If you aren't watching this show, you need to if only to watch the amazingness of White Trash America. Also? If this isn't a testament that people should have to have a license to have a baby I don't know what would be. If YouTube wasn't such a whore I would link you the video of Amber basically beating Gary down and him totally taking it. Which, props to him because if it had been me I probably wouldn't have just stood there, but whatever. So now she's freaking out because the police and child protective services are involved. Um... thank god. Because their kid, who's only a year or so, needs better parents. I can't even believe that she's gone this long without being investigated.

4. Lindsay Lohan. Seriously- can we say "lost cause"? Because she is. She's apparently fearing the worst on her hearing set for Friday and she should. Talk about a sense of entitlement. Yikes. Have fun in jail fire crotch.

5. Ginny Thomas. Don't know who she is? Read this article to catch up. Basically she wants Anita Hill to apologize for accusing her husband of being a fucking pervert asshole. The message was: “Good morning, Anita Hill, it's Ginny Thomas,” it quoted from the voicemail. “I just wanted to reach across the airwaves and the years and ask you to consider something. I would love you to consider an apology sometime and some full explanation of why you did what you did with my husband. So give it some thought and certainly pray about this and come to understand why you did what you did. Okay have a good day.”  Hi- is it just me or does this woman sound completely psychotic? The hearings took place in 1991 and it's what? 2010? I think SOMEBODY needs to get over it.

7. 2010 Elections. I could link up at least a million stories for this but I won't. And you know why? Because it's races like this that make me not want to vote. Because nobody is a good choice. There is not one person running for anything that is worthy of the job they so badly want. You have the Republicans screaming for change yet they aren't willing to work with anyone or compromise. Then you have the Democrats who try but can't get anybody to listen to them for a full 5 minutes without someone screaming Tea Party. It's a fucking mess. And no matter which way you look at it, everything is going to go Republican and we'll be right back where we were two years ago. FABULOUS. If that isn't progress who the fuck knows what is. What I do know is that I'm not even going to bother to vote because I don't support anyone on my ballot and because I know that no matter what, nothing will get better anyways. Sad times. And honestly? I think the fact that Republicans have spent so much money trying to gain votes is sickening. Couldn't you have used that money for something else? Like education? Something? Jesus christ. Must be nice to be rich and have rich friends because the rest of us have no idea what that's like. I get excited over coupons for god sakes. THAT? Is a problem.

Best part of my day? The new Kings of Leon album came out. God I love those boys. I would have any of their babies fo sho. *swoon*


Just Plain Tired said...

Don't. Ever. Quit. Blogging. Firecrotch? That is a classic. ;)

Asha said...

I wish Lady Gaga would get back on her spaceship.
LiLo will just get another slap on the wrist. Why? Because the bitch has money.
I hate politics. No matter the election...voting is like picking between the lesser of two evils.
I'd love a little Leon baby myself.

Danielle said...

Ditto!!!! I feel the same way about every single subject you discussed!

I'm watching Teen Mom Reunion as we speak, I can't believe it took that long for Amber to get investigated either! But I guess the good thing is, they finally are investigating her.

AmberLaShell said...

I was lazy and didn't look up where you were from, but I live in dallas, and the elections here are crazy. The guy in office says, hey i'm great, then the other guy says, he did this that sucks, then the guy in office says well, he did this which sucks even more. They both seem like fucktards to me. great blog!

check out my blog @ amberlashell.com

____j said...

Those pics are so cute! I love the one of Jackson's 'serious' face ;) I also HATE Taylor Swift. Seriously? All her songs sound the same AND they're played to death on the radio. Amber & Gary are so gross. But Amber & this new guy are pretty gross, too. Can't wait to see what she has to say on the reunion. LOL

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I so so so so so so so so SO agree with you about Lady Gaga. Every time someone raves about her I just want to scream "ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?????" She purposely does shit just to get attention and she's CREEPY. Anyone who would pay money for her CDs or to go see her live is INSANE. Go see GOOD musicians that don't do stupid shit for attention. Like the sex gods that are Maroon 5. I mean, the only thing those boys do for attention is look hot. And it's not their fault they're hot.

Let the kidnapping begin...

Annah said...

I love how you say your poor daughter was constipated when in fact, she was. You're *too* much woman.

Your children are beautiful and you know it so shut up. Or wait, don't because I love your posts.

Lindsay Lohan? I just feel sorry for her. I can't help it. Taylor Swift can't sing live? Oh nooooooo. People need to stop complaining about it. Her music is obviously just Saturday morning cleaning music that people belt out while they run around the house trying to tidy things up. Wait. You don't do that? Get with the program!

Why don't we just put Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton in an island together and call it a day.

Ang said...

Super Cute Pictures!! You look HOTT!

about the bullying songs.. I kind of understand why people are making them - whether we like it or not, people look up to Taylor and Gaga. I haven't heard the songs, but if they can get a message across that bullying is wrong and it will get better (and it's not worth taking your life over)... then I'm all for it. Too many people have lost loved ones because of bullying.. and I think it's a lot different than when we were in school - kids are ghetto now!
Just my 2 cents.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Love the pics, and that your daughter pooped. Yay poop!
All that other crap I let roll off my back. Not listening to Taylor. Not listening to Lady Gaga. Don't watch Amber. I could go on, but I'm looking seriously out of the loop.

Shirley said...

I don't think Taylor Swift has a great singing voice on her cd's either. I think she should stop singing and become a drug addict like any respectable teenage star. I started hating Lady Gaga when Perez Hilton starting kissing her ass because I think he is a douche. Ginny Thomas is seriously CRAZY! Politicians all make me mad. I want to fire them all. By the way...your kids are in the top 5 cutest kids of all time!

Julie H said...

super cute pics!! Enema? TG I've never had to go there for me or anyone else!!

1. Taylor Swift, I thought for sure you were going to complain about her John Mayer song. Seriously can you not change the names of people before you write a top 10 song about them?

2. Lady Gaga, I still can't get over she wore MEAT. Disgusting. Her songs are catchy but she's a freak. (and I read Perez, cheers!)

3. Haven't watched Teen Mom or much else because my husband likes to watch stupid shit on the tv.

4. Lindsay is stupid and it's all her parents fault (or not). I'm thinking that Sam Ronson (not dick apparently) or whatever her name is must have something great since now she's credited with breaking up Christina Aguilera's marriage.

5. Never heard of Ginny Thomas but sounds like she's a loser.

6. looks like you skipped it haha

7. I don't like to talk politics. I think they are all a bunch of people just out to get rich and they will all be bought out for the right price.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Taylor Swift drives me nuts and has ever since the Doormat Song, um I mean You Belong with MEEEEEEEEEEE!

Lindsey should have been in jail months ago. If it had been me, I'd have been in jail months ago.

Helena said...

You are adorable. And by adorable I mean freaking FIERCE. I agree with Just Plain Tired- if you ever stop blogging, I will never get over it.

Kevin Michael said...

As an expert in politics, I agree. It's essentially just screaming and name calling these days, with no real solutions...pathetic.

Jandy xx said...

I'm so with you on everything here, especially loosing love for Perez!

Anonymous said...

I love Lady Gaga because she challenges social norms. She is what people love to hate, and she is successful at it. And she gives a voice to the people who don't live in the pretty little easy world that you want this to be. She gives the misfits somebody to identify with. And have you heard her sing? Take away the audio editing and she is fricken amazing. And her live shows... they are more artistic than most anything I have seen at a concert in my life (and having gone to hundreds of concerts, that is saying a lot). It is art. It is representation... representation for more than just the small town country folk, more than just the average city folk... it is celebrity representation for the forgotten and disliked people. I will be a diehard Gaga fan now and forever.

And as far as voting... your comments regarding the elections make me very sad. I work my life in politics. I work day in and day out in the political world. It is my fulltime job and my volunteer work. And it is important and life changing. And not just in the laws that are passed, but also the work candidates do but do not get recognized for. And to see that you are unhappy and outraged with where things are at... that you think things should be different, but choose not to vote because "no matter what, nothing will get better anyways." makes me very sad. It is because you choose not to vote and choose not change things that things don't change. You are a blogger because you want your voice to be heard. Here is your chance to have your voice heard. Use it! Get involved early on before primaries in campaigns or candidates you think can make a difference... give them support when it is needed. And when it comes to election day, no matter what, go to the polls and vote. If you have to, vote for the lesser of two evils. Because really, if you don't vote, don't complain. Don't complain about your kids' schools or about your roads or about the war or about law enforcement or about health care or about immigration or about ANYTHING that happens in this country. Because your vote affects all of that.

Sorry if this comes across as bitchy... its just what I am passionate about.

Lady Grey said...

Ditto on the political nonsense! As you know I am not an American, and I've only been here for 5 years, but the one thing we have a tough time understanding is the way these people being elected to run a super-power country have no manners, too much money and are selfish, both sides of the political line. I agree... use the money for education, we need it! and give jobs to those who want to work, everyone needs to eat and care for their families.... get real guys and girls! and before I go... the "I'm not a witch thing"!... don't get me started!