Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Weekend: I Miss You.

God damn- I can't believe the weekend is gone ALREADY. It feels like it never really started. Probably because I've been stuck in the house the last two days because of rain and sick kids. And to top it off I feel like crap so it's a party yall.

So today I decided that I was going to finally get my ass in gear and get some half finished projects out of my closet and into the Etsy shop. Seriously. This gift holder has been ready to assemble since oh... November 2009. Seriously. Make it yours... HERE.
 And then this had all of the pieces cut and ready to go for the last month. I almost kept it for myself..but I have enough stuff to make one more can for me. Buy this bitch HERE. And I obviously marked down the prices on a bunch of stuff so shop, lambwhores! I've got kids to feed and then Stumpy, who basically is on the road to becoming obese. *sigh*

So do you remember last week when I asked you to vote for the awesome and good looking Neal so he can go to Croatia? Well I am like 99.9% sure he won. WOOT. So thanks for everyone who wasn't lazy and followed directions. :) Here's hoping I get something really cool from Croatia!

This week I'm going to meet up with Krysten to see Maroon 5. We're in search of some discount roofies so we can kidnap Adam and the boys. (Guess what, Krysten?? I learned how to put the third row of my van down by myself! And I've only owned it for 3 years! And I finally understand what the pictures on the back of the seat were for! I'm set for kidnapping!) It should be a good concert and I'm more than excited to see One Republic open for them.

Matt got a promotion/raise at work on Thursday. Basically this means my concert fund has doubled and I may actually have enough money to complete my 30/30 list. Speaking of that list, one of the things on the list is to hike through the sea caves, most likely in Bayfield. You'll remember the infamous kayaking trip from fucking hell, don't you? (If you're new to my blog you'll want to read that post so you can fully understand what a horrible team Matt and I make.) Anyways. So I decided this evening I should look up sea cave hiking trips and I ended up here. First off- no way in hell would I go alone. Or even with just Matt. I'd rather go in a group so I have to look into that. Second off- holy balls I need winter gear. I've lived in Minnesota or Wisconsin since I was 9 and my winter jacket is more fashion than function. Same with my boots. So I basically need gear that is meant to keep me warm. I'd like to look cute in the caves but seeing how I'm on Lake Superior....I may die if I go for cute. Third, how scared am I that conditions are labeled as "dangerous"? Because you just KNOW I'll be going out on the coldest and windiest day ever. I'd do well in nature, especially if it's winter, so this should be fun. Right?? I don't know why I'm more scared to do this than I was to skydive. (If you're new- you need to see that post.) But- most of what I do makes no sense so this should be no different.

I've been doing a lot of writing in one of the two books I have going. And I pretty much hit a huge block. Like I don't feel like even trying to write anymore. I'm going to give it a break and see if my mojo comes back.

And I bought new bras this weekend. It's a big deal. I'm actually going to go back online because hey- I found another discount code so I may as well keep shopping, right? I went shopping with my brother on Thursday and I ended up buying my regular 36D bra. It was a demi cup so you know- basic. I get home, throw out the receipt and tags (you know where this is going, don't you?) and yeah. Fucker doesn't fit. And by "doesn't fit" I mean I think I need a DD. I think we all remember my struggle with bra shopping as it is (again- newbie whores catch up with us) and the fact I might have to go through the whole procedure again? Not ok, man. Not ok. But I'm going to order these bras and if they don't fit, they are going back. I'm going to make sure I save everything before I tried them on. Oh- and my last good bra? Is resting in peace in the Douglas County landfill courtesy of Batman. Yes, Batman ate right through the strap and threw up next to it. Fun times.


____j said...

I loathe bra shopping SO much it's retarded.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I buy my bras online from Bare Necessities. Love that website so much.

And cannot wait for Thursday. Still ridiculously stressed about money but... maybe I'll have good job news?

Ruth said...

What's with pets eating clothes? I had a roommate once with a dog that ate socks and panties.

Bra shopping sucks. I hate underwires. Unfortunately, they are a necessary evil.

Jon Hanson said...

Hope you enjoy Maroon 5 and yet another trip down to God's Country!

Simple Dude

Jandy xx said...

my bra shopping sucks... but on he other end of the scale to yours!!

still don't think theres a better name for a cat than "batman"

and you, ms skinny with your purdy hair and perfect skin, will still look cute even if you do go for practical!

Yay for pay rises, and even bigger yays for ones that you dont have to work for!! haha! xx

Ang said...

Dude! Twenty bucks says I can get Steve to do those caves in the winter... I'm down to join! Sounds like a fabulous photo op!

Annah said...

Honestly I am *beyond* jelous of your thirty before thirty list! :) I need to make mine asap!

Lost said...

YUS! I won :) Thanks everyone that helped me out. Especially you, Sara <3

Can't wait to see the bra's ;)

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

I once forgot to pack bras & panties on vacation. It turned out to be a blessing though because I found the best of both!
I'm no where near a D cup though.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Lord I hate bra shopping. 34DD. IMPOSSIBLE to find in stores in anything other than minimizers. Yeah they are DD technically, but the LAST thing I want to do is MINIMIZE them. They are not that big.

Jen said...

Honey, seriously, get measured properly before you buy some more bras. As a 32GG I tell you, before I got measured I would buy myself 36DDs and they were just never right. Nearly everyone buys them too big around and too small in the cups. Now, its a bastard trying to find my size, but they are out there online, and I know they will fit.