Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm kind of famous, I'm obviously awesome AND I'm interviewed.

Oh my little lovely lambwhores. I have a scattered blog post for you tonight and you're going to love it because I said so.

So to start off, one of the cutest people I know, Jamie, hosted a blogger mail swap thing on her blog. And I know of hope she does it again because it was fun and who doesn't like getting mail that doesn't require you to write a check and hope it doesn't bounce? Woo hoo. The fun part is that my partner was Amber, whom I adore. I was retard happy when I saw she sent me something and then when I saw it I knew we were destined to be together:
She and I are like the sisters who were separated in a lab or something. I am VERY happy I got this book because I almost bought it at Barnes & Noble this weekend but thought maybe buying gas would be a better buy. Then I got Nectarine Mint lotion from Bath & Body Works which is MY. FAVORITE. EVER. (next to Twilight Woods). But I've been bitching to the poor people that work there that it should come in a lotion and not just soap and air fresheners and they just nod their head at me during my crazy rant and I'm sure they just hope the crazy lady practically huffing the nectarine mint hand sanitizer would just go away.

But I'm going to basically stock the fuck up on it now that I know it's in a lotion. It's a big deal.


So then I'm kind of famous for the day. Candace over at Fashionably Organized has me doing a monthly crafty post for her and this month? Is my FRY BOX TUTE. Yes, a fry box was involved and I may or may not have ordered three orders of fries to make sure I got the best box available. Shut up- I can't control myself with Wendy's fries. Anyways. So go HERE to check out my tute, show the blog some love, AND you can see what I'm making for Olivia and Jackson's classroom treats. Trust me- you'll wish you were a toddler.

On to the interviewing. So last...Thursday or so I asked you to email me questions. Only a few of you did and for the rest of you I hope you die a shameful and embarrassing death.

Just kidding!

(kind of)

Anyways- so we're going to do this Q&A style and I'm going to throw in some questions of a random question thingie I found.

1. My question is about your scrapbooking. I love the idea of scrapbooking but I don't really know where to start. I have bought tons of scrapbooking stuff, literally, hundreds of dollars worth. And my husband is telling me that if I don't start using up some of the stuff I by I might be working the streets next month to recoup the costs. Since I don't want to become a used up prostitute could you give me some pointers for beginners. Fun fact- I have answered this question 27 times over the last week. No joke. But here's the deal- you wing it. I'm serious and I know that doesn't help. The first thing I suggest you do is find a sketch book. You can find them at Michaels and scrapbook stores or you can go on Amazon and find them cheap. Something like this: Creative Sketches, Vol. 2
Creative Sketches, Vol. 2
is a good way to start. It basically shows you what to do depending on how many pictures you have for each page. And from there you just learn what you like and what you don't like. The second thing I suggest is get yourself a magazine or two and just copy what you see and make some subtle changes so it's your own. Also- check with a local scrapbook store (or even a Michaels, craft stores, local community colleges) because a lot of places have beginning classes that are pretty fun.

2. If you could have a party, what would the theme be, who would be invited (you can invite anyone, dead, alive, real, make believe) what would we eat (I say "WE" coz I know it wouldn’t be a party with out me!) what would we talk about and what would we listen to? Do you give out lolly bags and a piece of cake at the end, or something similar, and where would said party be?  Hmmm.. well I wouldn't necessarily do a theme. Maybe we can pretend to be college throwbacks and do a pimp & ho party. But ideally, it would be fun to invite all of my real life friends, and then friends I know through the Blogger world such as Krysten, Jamie, Matt, Neal, AmberJandy, Danielle, Annah, and of course, Annahita to come. Trust me when I tell you that this party? Would be insane. I don't think we'd have a problem with conversation and I know I could entrust Matt is being our personal DJ. You know I'd have goodie bags full of bizarre stuff but to make it a signature Sara bag it'd have sex toys in it for sure. I think this party would happen in Vegas. Speaking of... Vegas in May 2011 looks like it might happen-- I say we get the gang together and make this a real party....

3. How did "lambwhore" and "goatslut" get started? Ok- there are two beginnings. The first one is that you should know I really hate Lady Gaga. I think she looks like a man and I've her little schtick. I am not an idiot and I realize she'll be around for awhile but my hope is that people realize she isn't very original. Most of her stuff are knock off's from something else. But I think it's weird she calls her fans "little monsters" and so one night while watching her on some music show I decided I could do better basically. So then another fun fact is that I say things that don't make sense and talk out of my ass a lot. Which is why when I first said "lambwhore" I knew it was a winner. So then after awhile you people apparently like being called names that I decided maybe "goatslut" should be for guys and "lambwhore" for the ladies. Because lambs don't seem very manly but in my mind, goats do. So there you go. And yes, that is a lamb and goat humping in my button to your right.

4. If you could meet one follower- who & why? EASY. All of the people I mentioned in the party question would be who I'd like to meet. But if I could only meet one.... gah. I hate picking favorites because I love you all for different reasons. BUT... I'm gonna have to go with Matt aka Mr. O. Mostly because he's my blog bestie, he tells me when I'm a retard, he's my musical hookup, her gives damn good advice when I ask for it, he makes a great mix cd, he would rock out at a concert with me without batting an eye and he's adorable as all get out. I heart me some Mr. O.

5. List five things you would need to survive, if left alone on a deserted island. Good lord, that's hard. Assuming I'd have unlimited food and drinkity drinks..... 1. toilet paper- I refuse to use a leaf. And the fact I'd even pee or poo outside is a big deal. 2. Robert Pattinson or my secret crush. I'll take either but I would have to have someone with boy parts who's hot. 3. A vibrator in case it doesn't work out with guy from #2 and I end up killing him. It would obviously need to come with unlimited batteries. 4. My iPod full of every album I've ever wanted. This would need a way to charge it as well. 5. A tent complete with air mattress, books, lamp and pillow.

6. Have you ever flashed someone or gone commando? Yes, I have flashed someone while my friend was driving on the highway. I was...20? I was either 19 or 20. And yes, I have gone commando. Sometimes when you're wearing a dress you just don't feel like wearing a thong. I actually hate thongs and would rather go with nothing than endure a wedgie all day.

7. Do you swallow or spit? I am going to assume we *aren't* talking about saliva here since it wasn't specified. But I refuse to swallow. REFUSE.

8. If you had to pick the most erotic book you have every read, what would you pick? Oooh.. ok it's going to be a tie because I like them for different reasons. 1. Would be Vox by Nicholson Baker because it's a conversation between two people on a phone sex line. should read it. 2. The Navy Seal series from Lora Leigh. I reviewed one of them here, but oh my. I will admit to loving books with raunchy sex just all over the place in them and Lora did.not.disappoint.

OK- that's it for this evening my little lambwhores AND goatsluts. ;) But as can ask me anything at all either on a comment or shoot me an email at slinkies_r_us AT hotmail DOT com.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I am shocked that you don't swallow.

And we are destined to be friends... Lady Gaga annoys me to no end.

Danielle said...

I feel really honored that I would be invited to your party :) And I love when you post links to people you think are cool, because then I? Stalk down their blog, and 9.9/10 I add them to my blog list that I stalk :) So, thanks for that! I'm also planning on getting into some craft magazines, we have a magazine exchange at the library so I'm going to check there tomorrow to see if they have any I can get a start with :) How exciting! Sadly, I'm not even being sarcastic when I say that! :)

____j said...

That would be the best party EVER!

Julie H said...

I don't like that stuff anywhere near the spit or swallow decision point.

Anyhow lol, I love sketches! I need to pull mine out the next time I scrap so I don't have more of the same layouts.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Swallow. It's like an energy drink.
Ok, Vegas is just 90 mins from me, and is my official Happy Place. If you're up for a meet n' greet, let me know.

Jandy xx said...

in yet another instalment of "we don't do/have that in Australia" I have for you, Halloween! How sad is it that we don't really do that here, you might get one, mabe two kids who dress up and trick or treat, but thats it :( which is so dissapointing coz I want to make those fry boxes, but maybe i'll save them for christmas!

Oh, and Vegas I'm in!

Ang said...

Fun questions!
I don't swallow either... ick!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

If you like books with raunchy sex all over the place try Beatrice Small's stuff. She has a lot of period settings, like Tudor England, but some how the women always end up in harems in Algiers. She also has a fantasy world set and some re imagining of Sleeping Beauty as a BDSM thing, though that may be under a pseudonym. I haven;t read them all but more of a 'representative sampling'

Helena said...

I'm crashing that party. Wear the underwear.

Just Plain Tired said...

Just the fact that you hate Lady Gaga raises your wiseness and likability several notches above the stratosphere.

Kate Weber said...

I am in love with your blog. I gave you a blog award! :D You can find it under the "Blog Love" tab on my blog:

DLK said...

An energy drink - hahahahah...Jean, did he tell you that?? My husband said it would make my boobs bigger...