Friday, October 1, 2010

It's the Freakin Weekend... WINNER and (BIG) announcements...

Good evening lambwhores!

So some of you may be on the edge of your panties waiting for the winner. I knew it. ;) Anyways, using pick a winner...

#32 is...


Congratulations my lovable little whore- I am going to give your email information to my CSN buddy and you'll get your gift certificate via email very soon.

I know it's supposed to be Domestic Bitch Friday but hey- I was sick so not only have I made pancakes and cereal for dinner all week, I've gotten no goodies and have done very little project wise. Whatevers. But this coming week? Pretty fun.

1. I am going to try talking my sister in law into dying my hair. I'm too chicken shit to do it myself because I basically flake under pressure when it comes to my body, things with instructions, and huge margins for error. But she dyes her hair all the we'll see. I'm thinking of going darker...what do you think?

2. I have a busy work schedule next week but on Tuesday, after work, I'm driving down to Minneapolis to see MUSE, bitches! Bow down to your leader! I'm going to meet up with my real life blogger bestie, Krysten, and we're meeting up with some people I know and it's going to be awesome. I ordered a new necklace which I will show you when I get it, and I'm going shopping for a *gasp!!* non-fat girl concert shirt. Big things bitches, big things.

3. Dear Matt Bellamy: Could you please dump Kate Hudson by then? I'm sure she's already given you a few STD's or at least one infection, but Krysten and I? Are really awesome. Let's be friends. ;)

4. I have to do a post on my cat situation. I'm totally turning into crazy cat lady. We still have Lenny, Rosie went to the shelter (she was wee too feral for us), then we got Stumpy and now we have Batman. So we have 3. It's insane. And they are fucking terrors together- it's like having the Thundercats up in here. One eats toilet paper (shreds it everywhere) one eats the straps off of bras and camis/tank tops, and then there's Lenny who just watches it go down. I think he's sending silent commands. Fucking traitor.

5. I saw a trailer for a new movie Jackson Rathbone is in. And it was at the very moment I understood why girls swoon over him. He's fucking HOT. Seriously-- he does moody and beautiful well. Alas, my sister in law gets dibs first but seriously- sloppy seconds would be a treat on it's own. ;)


Jon Hanson said...

Enjoy MUSE! You will be here in my town!

Watch out for the goofballs, weirdos, nut cases, ass clowns, jagoffs and morons. And thats just my family.


Nikolett said...

I am SOOOOOO jealous about you seeing MUSE again! I've had to miss them this year ... I will be living vicariously through you and hope that you catch Matt's eye to the point where he dumps Kate. Fo sho :)

And I think dying your hair darker would be nice - make your eyes pop even more! Do I sound like a kiss-ass? lol. Either way, have an amazing weekend and hope your sickness will be long gone soon :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sara try having 2 cats and a dog. Insanity. And right now there's 2 cats and 2 dogs because my folks are here. And Lucy? Is a fucking PSYCHO. She already went after Monte once. Ugh.

I am so psyched for Tuesday! I am not psyched about worrying over whether 94 is still messed up. I need to call/text Ang and find out the best way to get the hell out of the city afterward.

And what movie is Jackson Rathbone in? I must see it!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Loving your cat stories. We used to have 4 cats (let them r.i.p.) and let me tell you they were sometihng. We had the ring leader, "speecial" kitty a.k.a fat bastard (40lbs), then we had the black bastard, and the cashmere kitty.

Those four would get into so much trouble together it was unreal.

I miss them. Turns out when they spray your house for earwigs they don't tell you that its not animal safe. They died of cancer one by one.


Lady Grey said...

I am too damn chicken to dye my hair too, don't feel alone! I'm just jealous that you can get out to see all the concerts you go to... I would be happy for just one! ENJOY!

Just Plain Tired said...

Congrats to the winner! And hey, if you do turn into a crazy cat lady it'll make for good blogging fodder.