Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's pretend it's not Friday....

...because I don't have a Domestic Bitch Friday post. I know. I'm SORRY. Yet again this week I've been a huge bum asshole because I barely cooked, I tackled no major projects and I basically forgot to look for freebies.

Spank me.

But I AM going to post for you this evening because I feel this week my posts have been awful and for that-- I'm sorry. Which makes you think I have something super awesome coming up for tonight's post..and yah. Not so much. Well kind. Because it? Is a Q&A session.


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OK- so I was tagged like a shameful whore by my girlie Perkster-Ramblings of a Hungry Fat Girl and so I'm going to pretend this is an interview. And in order to do that- let's pretend I'm sitting in a chair with too small of clothes and fake eyelashes coming off my eyes like Britney. Ok- here we go:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why? Somewhere with a beach. I'm actually not even picky about it. I'm a Pisces and I require water near me. I live by Lake Superior, which is lovely, but there is no way in hell I would swim in it. For one- it's a lake and lakes are gross to me but more importantly- it's freezing as fuck. I know some people swim in it and to them I say- I hope you get hypothermia idiots. But if I could visit anywhere- that's definitely Australia and Italy.

2. What is your all time favorite picture of you and can we see it? I would post it except Blogger isn't letting me, but I will another day. It's not my FAVORITE of all time, but it's #2. It's of me at Pattison Park near my house in 2003. But my all time is one I have no idea where it went- but Matt took it when we were walking on a trail in Jay Cooke Park. We had only been dating a few months and it was the first warm day in March. He was ahead of me and he turned around quick to take a picture of me as I almost fell, but all you see is me in my sweatshirt laughing hysterically. I loved that picture and I have no idea where it went.

3. What is one thing you know you should throw away but probably never will? Oh, I have lots of things. Like I have a note Matt wrote on a post it that was really nice. It's the only time he ever wrote me a "I love you a bunch" type note so I've kept it. I have my "time capsule" from high school with a love letter from my first boyfriend. I should probably toss it but it's all I have that reminds me of him so I probably won't. I have a card from my mom for my wedding that makes me cry so I won't ever get rid of that. I have lots of things like that that are sentimental to me, take up a lot of room and are aging, but I can't part with them.

4. What is one of your biggest regrets? (yeah I know, everything happens for a reason, but still what is something you wish you had done differently?) My biggest regret was not being myself in high school. To this day I feel like I would have had a better experience had I come out of my shell more. I wish I would have been so intimidated by the popular girls or let them make me feel bad about myself. If I had just been the outgoing, outspoken, good friend, good person that I really was- maybe it would have been better for me.

5. What was your first IM/Screen Name/Email account name and why did you pick it? (I really hope it was something completely cheesy!) YES! I totally remember that it was "cutiesk". I rocked the Yahoo chat rooms like any other 15 year old girl. My first email was yummykill5 and I think it was Yahoo or hotmail. I can't remember. I wonder if anyone has that now? I haven't had that since I was 16!! But I remember chatting with boys I thought FOR SURE I was going to love forever. Let's see- there was Chris in West Palm Beach, FL, Brandon from Tallahassee, FL (who was my favorite because he was 20 at the time, a musician, he loved Matchbox 20, AND he made me a kick ass mix tape I wish I still had), and Dan in Virginia. *sigh* Those were the main three I talked to all the time. But Brandon ALSO mailed me guitar picks that were all worn so I wore those on a necklace for years. I wonder what ever happened to those... I wish I had another pick necklace actually.

6. What is the oddest inanimate object you have been caught talking to? Hands down- my paper trimmer. Me and the paper trimmer argue a lot because he refuses to just cut straight. His lines are un-even so I have to double and triple check everything. And when you do a large order it's like he knows it and fucks up even more. Asshole.

7. What thought or message would you put in a fortune cookie? Stay away from overly hairy balls. Because ball hair sticks to the inside of your cheek and is gross. (life lesson, yo)

8. Why did you start blogging? Originally, I started this blog right after Jackson was born so I could update friends/family far way on all things Strand. Except that nobody ever really read it AND I was in a really rough time of my life and needed an outlet. So the blog morphed into (over time) what it is today. Which is like an external diary. Except that everything I write are things I say to my closest friends. Now, some of my family doesn't like my blog and that's their right and to that I say- don't read it. Because this blog has done more positive things in my life than any other thing I've tried. And I'm not content to make everyone else happy while I sit and stew and eventually feel like I'm going to blow up because I have no outlet. And I like the connections I've made through blogging. A lot of my close friends have been made through blogging and I've found people with similar marital struggles as me through blogging. It's cheaper than counseling, that's for damn sure. AND it's worked. :)

** Ok lovelies. I'm taking off for the night. I feel yucky still but I'm going to forge ahead and work on stuff for my Etsy shop. Head over there to see what's new and buy some stuff.


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Seriously Sara, #7? Really? Did you need to write that?

Sara Strand said...

Yes, Krysten I did. You know I how I roll.;)

Stacy Galiczynski said...

Just came over from Blog Frog! I love your're a doll :)

Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said...

Here from Mommys Little Monster Mash! Cute stuff.

618mom said...

HI I am coming from Mommy's Lil Monster Bash!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I love your pumpkin cards, but I'm gonna wait till I have the ones I already ordered from you and then, order another set I've got mad skills!


Just Plain Tired said...

#7 seems to be good advice. ;) I was just thinking how my blogging has morphed/changed in the short time I've had it. Like you, if any family reads my drivel and doesn't like it, I'd say don't read it as well.

nick said...

You'd like Australia - I was raised there before coming to the US

Nikolett said...

I will never think about balls the same way again now LOL. And I feel ya on paper trimmers; they are my lifesavers since I can't work scissors but me and that paper trimmer duke it out sometimes. Now I need to comment on your MUSE concert post STAT!

Chicken said...

That fortune cookie would've saved me from so many have no idea!