Friday, October 15, 2010

This is the one where I give up.

I give up homies. I seriously GIVE UP on the Domestic Bitch Fridays. I wanked off this summer and I just can't get into the groove anymore. Plus cooking is depressing when groceries cost so much so (honest moment here) we're eating ghetto. Which means we had hot ham & cheese today. Yah. I ate half of it when I realized I hate ham and now I'm starving and the only thing I have to basically eat that requires no cooking are pretzels and twizzlers. Thankfully- they are both considered a non fat food so bonus.

All of my original weekend plans are out the window due to Matt working more hours than planned and my house being tore up. Normally my Facebook status (are you not my friend? Then you need to fix that you loser. Find me HERE) is all about my cleaning and being Super Girl (which obviously I am) but not so much lately. And that's proven by my overflowing laundry and the disgusting state of my dining room floor. I think Matt is thinking I'm losing it because he's noticed it's not what it normally is and I'm not sure he knows what really to do.

But guess what??? Olivia pooped IN the toilet today. PRAISE FUCKING JESUS. I don't even care that it was a log so big it was hanging out of the toilet because that means I didn't have to clean pooped in pants and such. Oh happy day.

Oh- here's something. So do you remember when I talked about my fear of being outside in the dark? Yeah. Well tonight I decided to go for my walk after dinner so it was about 6:30. I have been in the habit of making my loop twice so it's like two miles because one mile just doesn't do anything for me. I need to go two to feel like I exercised. Anyways. So I'm walking and it dawns on me that as I start my second's getting really dark. And I don't want to be a pussy at age 28 but still...I can't help it. I decide I'm going to keep going and then by the time I turn the corner- I'll walk to Tower Avenue which is a main road in town and there are lots of lights and it's fairly busy. I should be ok. So I'm walking down Oakes and I'm realizing that our street has very few streetlights and there are a lot of places where scary murderers could be hiding. So I turn the corner and I, out of nowhere, have this bizarre feeling that I'm being followed. The hairs on my neck go up and I just fucking bolted. I ran two blocks to Tower and got on the sidewalk and sure as shit- there was a guy looking at me but turning down a different street. Now, there's no way I heard him because my iPod was so fucking loud which I realize was dumb. But I just got a not so great feeling. Second of all, I need to be carrying my cell phone. Which requires I get some kind of jacket with decent pockets that things won't fall out of it.

But every time I go outside at night it's like I can see all these scenarios running through my head of me being kidnapped, killed, raped, followed, etc. And then I try to think of what I would do if these things happened. And it's not like I can convince myself these things won't happen because when I was walking tonight I actually felt like maybe I was being targeted. It freaks me the hell out. God help me if vampires and such really ARE real because I'm basically screwed.

And if the vampire happens to be Robert Pattinson I hope I do get screwed. ;)


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Um, try walking in the dark in the middle of the woods. Because I swear to God I was followed by a bear once. Just sayin'.

Just Plain Tired said...

If I had an interest in Facebook I'd hook up with you there. I do have a twitter account though. And honestly, a woman walking at night needs to take precautions. It's better to bolt and run unnecessarily than find out too late that you should have.

Jen said...

Hey girl, did you ever add your city information to LOCATION CENTRAL? It's the blog where you're able to see who else is blogging in your area!
All of us MN bloggers are on there!

Ruth said...

I hate walking outside in the dark too. But, mostly for fear of running into a skunk or a nasty raccoon. Last night my husband left to go to work and outside the back door was a raccoon. And it growled at him, instead of running off like it should have. Bye, bye Mr. Raccoon. You could have had such a nice life.

Lady Grey said...

First Sara, if I was in your neighborhood I would come help you sort out the laundry and stuff... I'm a nice person, do you think? Ok, moving along... I have to say that walking in the dark (scardy cat or not) is a no-no... things happen in the "safest" of neighborhoods. And lastly, keep up the good work on Etsy, your stuff is awesome!

Anonymous said...

For that exact reason, I don't walk through parks. I'm too scared someones hiding behind bushes and skinny-assed trees. Doesn't help that I'm Deaf so I'm constantly looking around like I'm all paranoid I'm going to be busted for dealing drugs. Which I'm not doing, I swear! :)

AmberLaShell said...

I get paranoid just taking my dog out at night,, I always feel like i'm being watched or something.. I understand how you feel..

check out my blog @

ps. i sent you a friend request on facebook

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Poop in toilet, good. Freaky night stalkers, very bad!!! You're scaring me!

Julie H said...

we have no street lights out here and the last time I went in the dark I had myself so spooked I basically ran the whole way home!

Nikolett said...

Yay for poop in toilet! I'm hoping whatever kid(s) I have in the future will be miraculously potty-trained since birth or something haha.

And I give you an AAAAMEN on being scared shitless when walking alone in the dark late at night. Step 1: always lower your iPod. Step 2: I carry my keys with me in my hand, with the sharp end of the key sticking outwards so if anyone would dare try to attack me I'MMA SWIPE 'EM IN THE FACE! I sound violent right now.

But at least you bolting like crazy added to the exercise? Trying to find a sparkle of light in a scary situation but yes ... hope you have a happier week :)