Monday, October 4, 2010

WINNA, hair, and ghetto.

Before I get into my hair (because I know you all got here because you love knowing the current state of my hair) let's figure out the WINNA of the Bad Car Contest.

Can I (get a wha-wha) just say that it was close?? Like so close it came down to ONE VOTE. It's like American Idol but as far as I can tell none of us has any singing talents. Wait---so it's basically EXACTLY like American Idol. My bad.

But I'm not a complete cold blooded bitch. Because I got to thinking that I don't like anything uneven, so I was going to do a prize for the top two winners anyways. Here are the winnas---

1. Extremo the Clown (yay AMANDA!!) -6
2. Mystery Machine (yay JAMIE!!) -5

SO- I will send my lovely and awesome winners their email stating that I think they rock and I'm sure they'll print that off to keep forever.

But let's talk about my hair, ok? Every once in awhile I get crazy and do impulsive things because I'm impatient and a toddler at heart. This weekend I bought (gasp) a flat iron. And part of me felt like such an asshole purchasing this along with a Band of Horses cd, a pair of underwear and some nail polish. I basically felt like the cashier looked at me as if I was having some kind of mid life crisis, and maybe I am, but I don't care. Underwear, nail polish and music make me happy and the flat iron was an impulse buy because I didn't feel like I had bought enough. Which is hilarious when I literally wrote about shopping addiction. You'll notice the self-rehab is working wonders.

Anyways. So I used it. And I'm undecided. What do you think:

 So I don't know. It was a lot faster to do my hair in the morning since I was able to go straight from bed head to this. Versus my usual get up, get hair soaking wet since it's unmanageable, blow dry for 45 minutes because it's so thick, put my curl spray in so I don't go frizz ball and hope to god it looks decent in 10 minutes. But my hair is UNRULY and you'll notice that by 2 pm (a mere 5 hours after doing my hair stick straight) it was all trying to curl in whatever direction it felt like. Whore. So should I stay or should I go??

AND- the moment I have waited ALL SUMMER for. The most awesome ghetto mobile in a six block radius of my house:
 Yes. I have been told that these people in that house sell drugs, although I've never *confirmed* it. But some of my neighbors call them the Mexicans even though they don't appear to be Mexican. I don't know what they are, but this car makes me think Southern California which makes me think Mexico. So it's a like a Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon thing. Anyways. I'm lucky I got the picture without getting shot. But seriously. We live in WISCONSIN homie- this is ridiculous. Who wants to be driving downhill all the time?? If they drive in Duluth which is almost all hill, what is that even like?? Fucktards.


Just Plain Tired said...

Congrats to the winners of the coveted email(s).

And as a guy I'm never, ever gonna tell a woman her hair looks bad. I was married once and remember that rule clearly.

And that's quite a ghetto machine pictured. ;)

BeMistified said...

I ♥ the hair. Congrats winners!

Annah said...

Lovin' your hair girlfriend. And can I get a ride in the pimp mobile pleassssssssssseeeeeeeee?

Jon Hanson said...

I'm glad to see you have some a-holes across the border in the land of cheese too. Although I know a handful of people from Duluth and from what they tell me, there is a good chance that person migrated to Superior... so don't go claiming that fucktard as one of your own just yet.


Ang said...

girl! THAT car shoula won!

Love the flat hair too.. and if it's easy, roll with it a bit!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Dustin says maybe they always drive uphill? Or maybe you moved to Compton and didn't realize it?

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Ok for one....I think flat irons are a waste of money and valuable time. But your hair either way to me, looks just fine!

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Check this out:

Jean said...

I like your flat-ironed look. My stylist can do so much with hers -- straighten, curl, crimp. She's amazing.

Julie H said...

I like the straight hair. I like to use the flat iron on mine but I just don't have the time in the morning.

____j said...

I like your hair that way. Did you get any of the flat iron spray? The one I have is by Tresemme [sp?] and it just helps keep my hair all silky and stuff. It's only a few bucks and DEFINITELY worth it.

Helena said...

Hey, don't go dissing my car...