Sunday, November 7, 2010

Almost Ball-less, Christmas, BMS and more OH MY!

Good lord- what a weekend, whores. Saturday threatened to be shitty and lame but then I made up for it today. First off, I got my Blogger Mail Swap (BMS) thing done. And my person is getting a set of handmade cards in colors she likes and then these cute gift tags. It's actually a little set that come wrapped up in a bag. I'm so smart it's painful. Anyways- if you know what's good for you, you'll buy them HERE from my shop. And keep buying- Jackson wants a Batman Cave for Christmas and Olivia wants a Leapster Explorer. You don't want to be responsible for ruining their Christmas, right??
 And Matt put up some outdoor Christmas decorations. Olivia was busy running around the yard being adorable and "posing".
 While Matt was trying to untangle the lights I told him he shouldn't just throw into the bucket.
 And Jackson was climbing the "mountain" of broken concrete by our back door. It's super safe, yall.
And I know it's not Christmas yet, but we're doing it now so we aren't doing it in the middle of a snow storm like the first time we attempted outdoor illumination. And Matt absolutely hates doing these decorations. He only does it so I stop complaining about him killing my Christmas. One of my most favorite movies EVER is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Good god, I could quote that movie like you wouldn't believe. (If by some disgusting chance you haven't seen that movie, not only do you need to go out and get it right fucking now, but you can watch this: to get a taste of awesome) Anyways. So every year I come home with more and more stuff for him to put up. His one request is that I not get those six foot inflatable things because he hates them. We now have two (a Santa and a snowman) AND a little four foot fat Santa. I see he only put out two this year- the third once must come out as well. But he got the icicle lights up and a few other yard things. I want to know where the rest of it is. And this year??? I'm going to get little candy cane pathway lights for my two feet of sidewalk. It shall be glorious!

But back to Saturday. I went to a birthday party my friend Jen was throwing for her son, Jayden who is cute as a button. I helped out because we all know kid birthday parties is right up there with cutting yourself. It sounds good in theory, but half way through you're left wondering what the fuck you were thinking. Nonetheless, I was tired and so I told Matt he needs to go get us dinner (which was gross) and we're watching one of my favorite shows, Curb Your Enthusiasm. We have seasons 1-3 on DVD... we obviously need the others. I also need to get the third season of Arrested Development. And someday... SOMEDAY I will get The Office series. *sigh* In the meantime I am hoping season 3 of True Blood gets it's ass out before fucking June. Because my DVR is confusing me and the fact I can even figure out how to get to my recorded shows is huge.
The sad news... is that Stumpy (to the right) and Batman (in the forefront) are out at my in-laws for today and tomorrow. They are getting their balls removed and the poor little love bugs have no idea. SAD FACE. Stumpy is going to be devastated. I have never seen any animal care for their balls and appreciate them as much as Stumpy does. So I bought them so play balls which I don't think are going to be the same.
 And I'm really bummed because every time I sit down Batman likes to sit on my boobs and curl into my neck. He absolutely adores me and he's awesome. How could you NOT love Batman?? If you squint real hard you'll see cleavage. Batman was trying to climb into my shirt last night. Pervert.
And guess what? While cleaning today I put on my Manchester Orchestra which is just a great album. I love them. A lot. But when I was crafting I dug out a cd I used to love and listen to ALL OF THE TIME... and that was the soundtrack to I Am Sam. The movie was blah for me but the soundtrack is one of the best of all time. It's all covers of classic Beatles songs by modern artists. And then I remembered how much I love Rufus Wainwright. And then I wanted to listen to his albums...but then I remembered it was on the hard drive where Matt "accidentally" erased over 40,000 songs. Then I got angry and secretly hoped he fell off the ladder outside. Anyways. If you don't have that soundtrack, or have never even heard of it- you need to listen to it. Great covers. Stereophonics cover of "Don't Let Me Down" is so good. That's one of my favorite Beatles songs. *sigh*

OK- so I might do a double post tomorrow. I haven't decided, but you need to come back for Tuesday. But on one of tomorrow's posts I'll give you deets on winning a trip to Italy. (Seriously? Don't bother because if you win I'll probably beat the crap out of you and steal your tickets. Because I want to go.)


Danielle said...

I laughed out loud so much during this post!!! I love how in the picture with Matt untangling Christmas lights Olivia is still striking a pose in the bottom right, adorable. Jackson is all boy and I love it. The fact that you secretly hoped Matt fell off the ladder, made me die laughing. Love the name Jayden ;) Even though I spell mine different (without the "y"). Poor kitties, if you had Kardashian money (don't we all wish) you could pay for some fake balls. LOL! I saw them do it to their dog on one of the episodes.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Batman is SOOOOO cute. Oh my gosh he is adorable. As are Jackson and Olivia.

Oh and want to know something sad? On my blogger dashboard is showed the pic of your Christmas gift tags and I totally thought they were condoms. Oops!

Unknown said...

I know you won't but tell Matt I feel his pain.

o0crystal0o said...

I would love to be a fly on the wall during you and your husbands conversations about the xmas decor... you paint a hilarious picture. i can see my boyfriend and i have a similar exchange. thanks for sharing :)

Shirley said...

I LOVE National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation! And I think your cats will probably forgive you...maybe...or they might secretly hate you forever and be plotting their revenge.

Anonymous said...

You will be happy to know we are very much like the Griswolds at Christmas. Or we used to be.....can't really afford it now. We put up some obscene, like 50,000 lights or something. It's really discusting. I will have to post some pictures of it.

Oh, and "I am Sam" soundtrack? You could not have been more right about. My favorite (of course) is the "Across the Universe" which coincidentally is my favorite Beatles song as well.


40,000 songs deleted? You are so fucking strong ass woman, chicka, because in my house the penalty for that would have been death by dismemberment.

Julie H said...

Great post!! I haven't updated my blog in a few days, someone's always jumping on the computer when it should be my turn!

I so want the candy canes up the walk way. Must get on that!!

I love NLCV, such a funny movie!! Cracks me up everytime. Can't forget Christmas Story too, that one is one of our faves.

Don't worry about getting all your movies on DVD. As soon as you get them all they won't make DVD's anymore or something equally annoying..

Chunky Knubby Navel said...

Maybe you can get your cats ball implants. That way he's still have them, but they'd be fake and he still wouldn't try to mate with everything in his path.

Cute blog =)