Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday. I survived.

I forgot to tell you about my Black Friday.

Sorry lambies.

So after eating until I felt like puking on Thanksgiving, I asked Matt to wake me up at 1am, so I could pick my mom up at 2 am, and we could be at Kohl's for the 3am opening. Just like we do every year. That would then allow us to get to Walmart for 5am. It was flawless.

But I didn't sleep much since I actually was puking that night. Not from food, but I think I was beginning to get the flu, which is always a treat. After puking for awhile I finally fell asleep. And I woke up to hearing my phone ringing at 3am. APPARENTLY, Matt forgot to wake me up. So I peed and threw on clothes that were in the dirty clothes hamper and literally sped to my mom's. Which was fun because it was icy. Mom and I got to Kohl's at 3:45 to find an entirely packed parking lot. By the grace of baby Jeebus, the aisle I pulled into immediately had a car pulling out. So I got to park right away.

And then angels started singing. (OK, they didn't- but they should have.)

Once inside, mom and I scored awesome toys for the kids. I got Jackson two Hot Wheels race track/road things, a huge Thomas the Train set, a Batman car, and some other weird thing I can't remember. Then I got Olivia a Barbie doll, another Barbie with 5 outfits, and a Polly Pocket beach house. All of that? $60, and then I got $10 in Kohl's cash I can use this week. Fucking SCORE.

We were only there 45 minutes and that was phenomenal because that place was packed. So bonus points to Kohl's for having an amazing system.

So after that, we hustle to Walmart. Which was SUPPOSED to be open at 5am for doorbusters. We got there at 5:03 and EVERY toy on sale was gone. All of the doorbusters were gone. Which was odd because we have never had this problem. But it turns out, that the Walmart in Superior is full of retards for two reasons. One, the store started checking people out before they should have. Two, all of the crazies went there. We saw people fighting over dumb things, people literally parking themselves in aisles and chatting on the phone, and people generally being dumb. Despite the fact that some of our stuff was gone... we did get what we wanted. I got Olivia the babysitter Barbie, I got Jackson a couple of action figure guys, and I got Uno Moo for Jackson. Oh, and I got them pajamas, I got Matt a pack of white tshirts (not a gift, he just needs them) and I got him a small gift he asked for. So I spent $79 which was HORRIBLE. But I was glad to get out of there.

After dropping my mom off, I went home and went back to bed for a few hours. When I woke up, Jackson and I had a little date since Olivia was with my grandparents. After lunch, I went to Target. Which was NOT the mad house I thought it would be. I got Jackson the Toy Story 3 movie, and I got Olivia the Barbie Cruise Ship. Then I got them their special ornaments for the year, and a few house stuff  needed, spent $79. I need to even the kids up for gifts, but I'm done.

But the awesomeness? Is the BEST GIFT EVER for Matt. I can't tell you what it is because he reads the blog once in awhile. But if my brother wasn't so awesome it wouldn't have happened. First off, my brother got up at 3am. (Granted he was going to buy himself a TV) Second, he pretty much financed it for me. He put it on his credit card and is letting me pay him back. BEST BROTHER EVER.

Travis went to Target, only to find the line to be insane. Luckily, he knows a million people and found someone towards the front of the line and pretty much cut in line.

THEN, when the doors opened, he ran towards the maternity area where the TV's were...only to find they were all gone already. But that doesn't deter him... no way. He found an unattended cart with a TV so he did what every good bargain hunter does.

He took the cart and ran like fucking hell.

Which is kind of funny because you know whoever had that.. was probably the first in line.

*laugh* We're going to burn in hell.

Anyways. So he goes to get Matt's gift.... and they tell him they are all gone. SADS. But then.... Travs knew someone working who hooked him up. With the very LAST one in the store...which was in the back. FUCKING SCORE.

So all in all.... I would say that ths year's Black Friday was a success. I am almost totally done with my shopping, except for a few things I need to order online... hopefully in the next two weeks so I don't have to pay out the ass for shipping.

But I'm pretty excted for what I got the kids. They are going to be thrilled. And I got a good deal. So I don't feel like throwing up from that. Bonus.


Danielle said...

I want to do Black Friday, just once. I have never done it! Sounds like you go awesome deals, which I'm super jealous of! :) Hope you're feeling better!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

You're insane. I was so thrilled that I didn't have to deal with the doorbuster craziness at Best Buy. By the time I got there at 11 things were pretty much normal. Hell yes.

When you email me you need to tell me what you got Matt. I'm super curious!

Nyx said...

Your brother rocks. And if you two burn in hell, can I have the TV?

Brittany said...

I Think I peed a little! Esp when you said that he just took the cart and ran! bahahahahahahaha! lmao! Love it!

Unknown said...

Sorry you are not feeling well but congratulations on a great shopping spree. Hope you feel better soon.

Ang said...

OMG - you ARE going to burn in hell!! you and your brother... man, wish I had the balls to do that!

Anonymous said...

Damn.....I don't do the Black Friday thing, but maybe I should. You are almost done with shopping and I have one gift I purchased.

A book. For my dad.

And it was a selfish purchase. I want the book, but thought "I don't want to spend $20 on myself at Christmas, that would be selfish". So I bought the book for HIM (it's the new Keith Richard's autobiography and he LOVES Keith Richards), and I plan on stealing it from him when he is done.

Is that bad?

Shirley said...

Black Friday is awesome. I enjoy mixing it up with the crazies. In AZ Walmart doorbusters started at midnight. and when we got there people started fighting over towels! Best thing I've seen all year.

asj said...

so exciting! jealous you're pretty much done with christmas shopping... great job and the story about your brother in Target is hilarious... love it!

E said...

Walmart blows. They say their sale starts at a certain time but really...not so much. When we got there just before 5am, there was a short line for the laptops so I was all score. As I was waiting in line I realized everyone had bracelets. Turns out you had to have bracelet for the electronic items and they started giving out bracelets at midnight. What the fuck! It was stupid.

But I do always enjoy Black Friday, the hunt and bargains are worth it!

justme5686 said...

My walmart sucked too. We went for the midnight stuff on sale and they had let people check out early and everything too. COMPLETELY LAME!!! We still got 99% of what we went for (and of course other stuff too!) :)

Julie H said...

Christmas shopping was so much easier and cheaper back when my kids would be satisfied with some barbies! Now they want lap tops, cell phones and CARS.

Anna @ The Owl and The Phoenix said...

Normally I would feel bad about taking a TV in a cart, but if that person was effing stupid enough to leave a cart with a TV in it unattended, that's their own damn fault. Idiot. Good job brother!

Chicken said...

You are so brave. I thought about going out in those crowds and I had a panic attack.

Mr O said...

this was the first year I didn't have to participate in that madness. My dad usually has a map laid out and sends me to a random store, sometimes Target, usually Wal-Mart and I have to get a stupid fire truck or something while he goes and gets other things.

But this year I was working, and I've never been so happy because I went to bed early on Thanksgiving night and did not feel like waking up.

The part about your brother stealing the TV is awesome. While the person who lost out is probably pissed, they should have known better. Probably a rookie.