Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conferences and Broken Promises

Good lord- I have had literally, a whacked up day. I felt really busy and pulled in a bunch of directions but when I really look back... I wasn't. Just my crazy getting in the way.

So tonight I had Olivia's first conferences for 4 year old Kindergarten. No lie, I was kind of scared. Not because she's doing bad, quite the opposite- I know she's smart and is way better than most of the kids in her class. I was scared because she is quite the diva. She says things that are funny to us... but others may not think are funny. Basically- she's the four year old version of me.

Her teacher said academically- she's fabulous. She's way more advanced than a lot of the kids and she prefers the math and science tables over the writing. She likes to write a lot at home.... so I'm thinking the newness of science and math is why she likes to do that more there. Which is fine. She is on target for the end of the year... which means she could pretty much be in regular kindergarten right now. Her struggle is interacting with other kids. She's social and she plays well. She is a great sharer. The problem.... is that she lets other kids boss her around. They take things from her basically because she lets them. The teacher is only now getting her to open up and tell her that someone is being mean. So we have to work on that. I know I was like that and to an extent... I'm like that now. I let some people walk all over me and I don't know why. So overall, she's smart... just painfully shy and quiet.

I asked Matt this evening where he is on the laundry sink project. He promised me I'd have a fully functioning, non-clogging sink that was from this century. And working plumbing. It would be glorious and I would bond with my new sink and possibly say dirty things to it. The PROMISE was that I would have it by Thanksgiving. We have everything we need except $50 worth of plumbing and a $40 piece of countertop. Everything else is in the garage. But yeah.. it's not going to happen. I'm not happy about this and quite frankly- I'm sick of him bitching about it. He's had FIVE YEARS to work on this and he keeps putting it off. I told him if he wants to re-do plumbing that is our crawlspace when it's -10 outside and lose his balls to hypothermia..... well that's his choice. But that god damn sink is going in whether he wants it to or not. Because this scene:
is not acceptable. Yes- that is a clogged sink and Matt using a fucking wire hanger to unplug it. What plugged it? Well that would be the metal flaking off the side of the sink. Disgusting. The laundry room is like the shame of my existence. People see my house and think it's cute and then BAM! They see the ghetto laundry room. *sigh*

In other news..... I am playing a game with my blogger bestie, Matt. He's going to kick my ass but I'm not going down with out a fight. Basically..... have you heard of Girl Talk? (I seriously thought he was talking about that game that had the pretend phone... you know- we all played it when we were like 9. Not surprisingly, he said that's not anywhere close to what he was talking about.) But what it REALLY is.... is this guy that mashes & mixes a bunch of songs. He released an album yesterday (for free!) and we are going to see who can name as many songs & artists. There may or may not be a prize. I have until Monday and I can't cheat. He can't either...but I don't think he needs it. I need it. I haven't listened to the radio in oh.... a year? Probably a year. So wish me luck.


Just Plain Tired said...

Best of luck w/the GirlTalk contest. Naturally i have a solution for the clogged sink problem. I think a glass of that stuff in the sink sitting in front of the husband at every meal until it's fixed may just be the proper incentive, and stuff. ;)

Danielle said...

About Olivia, I'm sure she will come out of her shell. There's a lot of kids that are a little bit more "grown" for their age and have a hard time interacting with kids, or peers. I'm sure she'll be just fine!! I can say one thing that I'm nervous about the BF's new job is that he's learning how to do plumbing, construction, electric, etc. I'm hoping this doesn't turn into him saying he's going to fix everything and putting it off, because I? Will be you. I won't be able to handle it. Ugh, I hope he gets you that sink soon! Love the idea of that competition with your friend Matt! The CD sounds really cool! :) Good luck!!!!!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I'm sure Olivia will do just fine Sara. She's a darling little kid. I was pretty shy at her age too but she'll make friends and have her group and it'll be good.

Shirley said...

Tell Matt that if it isn't done by a certain date that you will be forced to call a professional. I bet he will be on it faster than a hooker on a blow job.

Chicken said...

Alright, I can see that I am going to have to fly out there and unclog your pipes myself. Then when I'm done with that maybe I can take a look at your laundry sink....zing!

Unknown said...

Good Morning Sarah,
I always have believed that plumbers earn every penny they get paid and there is nothing I hate more than plumbing related chores. I think you should call one and have him come in and make it happen. When I saw the part about the kids being mean it made me think of a post I saw of this guy who is an adult now but changed schools when he was in the 5th grade and bullies started doing mean stuff to him and he did not share it with anyone and they continued to make life hell for him "through" the 12th grade. It was a sad story and I would hate to think your story could ever really get out of control. Just a thought because I care.

Anonymous said...

You and the sink are like me and the bathroom door.

The fucking bane of my existance right there, honey.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Good luck identifying songs.
Your hubby's hand is a blur. He's really working that clog.

Helena said...

Your daughter sounds fantastic. You just have to work on her attitude: She needs more of it.

If a kid comes up and tries to take something, have her put out her hand and say, "Oh heck no. You best not be taking my stuff!"

Anna @ the owl and the phoenix said...

I'm sure Olivia will open up the more she's in school. Is she passive at home as well? I was kind of like Olivia in school, but at home? Oh HELL no! Ask my mom. It was my way or the highway (usually the highway, which resulted in a tantrum). Anyway, if she's comfortable at home, I wouldn't worry too much. Just encourage interaction - maybe a play date or something - and she'll come out of her shell =)

Brittany said...

A) as an ex-preschool teacher I feel ya! There were a few kids that just got walked all over! There toys taken, they're papers scribbled on, etc.. just because the other kids could! Do kids keep getting bitchier?

B) Hope you get your sink done!

C) Good luck on the contest!

Aimee said...

Glad the conference went realtivly well. Hpefully you guys can help her being passive. I am still a passive person on most parts and sometimes I wish I could just speak up and tell my friends to fuck off when they expect me to be there for them when they are never there for me yet I always am of course...Because I dont know how to say no and how to be more aggresive. Sorry thats my rant lol... But thats great she is so intelligent and hey at least they diudnt tell you that you have a bully for a daughter.

BTW I left you a little blog award on my blog today :)

The Insatiable Host said...

Dear Lambwhore leader:

I am sorry that the sink clogged and Matt attempted to be helpful - maybe you should write the Book of how Shiz Rollz in Ma' House for

anyhow, I vowed to myself that I would catch up on commenting and I am here to do just that.

I hope you are great and I thought and talked about you of the people I work with a lot from NYC saw KOL at Madison Square Gardens...she was a KOL virgin and she couldn't stop talkin about how amazing they were live. I then mentioned that I knew someone who is a way cool version of the guy in Almost Famous and about your goal of seeing so many concerts etc...she now thinks you rule and has started the same goal.

Anyhow, you're great - the Etsy stuff looks bril and I hope that you have a great weekend.


The pathetic host.

Julie H said...

UGH on the sink. I feel your pain. Scott just went and got some more tarps for the garage roof. Someday maybe he'll get the shingles up there.