Wednesday, November 24, 2010

There might be two

...posts today because bitches I can do that.

Last night I didn't post because not only was I lazy.... but I was engrossed with my sister in law watching 16 and Pregnant. I'll have a post on that fucking mess someday.

Anyways. So I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. Well, some of it. My mom is making the turkey and dressing/stuffing WHATEVER, and my Grandma is bringing a few side things. I'm in charge of corn, green bean casserole, potatoes, appetizers, pie, and bread. And although a part of me feels like people don't think I can handle doing it all.... I'm ok with it. First off, I can't afford to buy it all right now. Second off, I have a big kitchen but it's easier when people share the oven related duties.

I have to make the pie this evening and I'll probably start on little things I can store in the fridge overnight. Hoping my potatoes thaw (I froze them after my in-laws garden bounty and thank god because potatoes are fucking expensive here), and we always have cocktail shrimp for the boys which at the moment, frozen stiff. So yeah. Come on and thaw whores!

But the icing on it all is that I have two sick kids. Olivia is on day 5 of this shit so I'm hoping she'll be fine for tomorrow. Jackson is on day one and looks absolutely miserable. Actually both kids do. But last night Olivia was dozing while sitting on my lap and promptly peed on me.


Then after some drama at bedtime, she pukes in her bed. Which, anyone who knows me in real life knows I can't handle puke. I can't handle any kind of puke and I don't care if I pushed you through my vagina, it doesn't matter and I'll be gagging. Which I was. And that went into overdrive when I saw that some puke got on my arm. Matt's really lucky I didn't through up right there as well. DISGUSTING. So after changing sheets and getting a new pillow for her, and battling over the night light that isn't good enough for her, she went to sleep. But all night I heard both of them coughing.

Oh, and Matt? Had really bad heartburn. Pretty much anything he eats results in heartburn and possibly throwing up. He eats TUMS like fucking candy and nothing over the counter work. And I keep insisting that he go to the doctor but he goes to a fucking quack who told him what he's doing is all he can do. Um... no. That's not true. I watch TV and I've seen commercials for drugs specifically for this. So I told him he better call the doctor fucking ASAP because I hate waking up to hear him puke. It's disgusting.

Sometimes.... I really hate living here. Because when I'm sick- nobody is babying me. Nope- I get asked when I'm washing laundry the next time.

And the test may come soon... because I have a sore throat and my head feels clogged. This time last year I had H1N1 flu and thought I was dying. This year.. I'm getting what I hope is only a cold.

Fucking November.


Kattrina said...

I totally agree about the sick thing - no one takes care of you. My husband isn't too horrible - last time I was sick we were driving home from DC and I threw up in the car while driving. I have to give it to him because he super cleaned my car and there was no throw-up the next time I drove it. And he brought me things to drink and patted my head. However, he ruined it all by asking if I thought I was well enough to have sex that night. Are you fucking kidding me??? So, although he doesn't care about dinner or laundry - he wants to know when I am well enough to have sex. So thoughtful. Husbands are great.

Jon Hanson said...

Now I can see why you want to be alone! yikes!


asj said...

Boo November, I hope the kids get better soon and that you don't get sick - it's almost December!! Stay strong!

Happy cooking, I hope that everything goes off without a hitch!

Brittany said...

You poor thing! I hope everyone starts feeling better! Start taking lots of vitamin C! Were very "health crazy" here, so if you need any natural remedies, let me know lady! :)))

Happy thanksgiving doll!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Lets run away somewhere warm together!

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

So sorry there is so much sickness in your home. Tough especially when there is a holiday involved. I take 2,000 mg of C and 6,000 mg of D every day and cannot remember the last time I was sick. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Unknown said...

for whatever reason when you keep taking tums it can make the problem worse. like your body gets used to them and starts mass producing the acid. especially if it's acid reflux not just heart burn. That's what my doc said. So occasionally I do a round of prilosec or honestly whatever is on sale as far as the 7-14 day heart burn treatments. make me feels like a new person.

oh and that teen mom mess, blows my mind.

Josie said...

That much heart burn can be really awful. I had acid reflux for about a year before it got diagnosed and now I have to deal with Barrett's esophagus (which could eventually be cancer.) So you should drag Matt's ass into a good doctor and get that shit taken care of.

Good luck with the sick kids and all the cooking.

Lady Grey said...

Despite what is going on in your home, I wish you a great Thanksgiving day and a relaxing weekend after that...

prettylittlereckless said...

ugh I can't handle puke either. not even my own. ewwwww

hope your thanksgiving goes well!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

DH eats TUMS like candy too, but his is work related stress. My oldest has been throwing up all day too.

Hope everyone is feeling better soon there

Mr O said...

Yea, November isn't exactly my favorite month either. But you might have to wear a mask 24/7 in that house. Seriously.

Good luck with the kids and wear a shield if you have to.

By the way, your thanksgiving dinner sounds awesome. We are doing a "pot luck" at work tomorrow so that should be fun.

Julie H said...

I've been sick for the whole freaking month of November. I'll feel fine for like half a day then WHAM sick as a dog. WTF! Driving me crazy.

Nyx said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sara. No getting sick. It's not allowed. Don't make me mail you some hand sanitizer.

Hope the rest of your holiday is puke-free!

Anonymous said...

Moms, wives and women in general are not allowed to be sick and it fucking sucks. My husband is all like "Oh, damn....sorry you feel bad....what's for dinner?"


I plan to do that the next time he is sick....

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I got my MW box too and was THRILLED with the packages. I got three (one for me, and one for each of my BFFS) and I cannot wait to really get in and sort that shit out. I think I am gonna be selfish and keep some of the really awesome shit for me. Is that bad?

Jess said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! I gave you an award! Pop over to my blog to check it out!