Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Every grown up has....

luggage. I have none. Well, I have one really sad ass excuse for a suitcase. I am looking at my 2011 travel plans (the hopeful ones that I need to get done for my 30/30 list) and I'm realizing I need luggage. I want to at least pretend I'm a grown up so people will take me seriously when I'm getting lost.


I've been looking at luggage sets and I have no idea what I really need. Or want. Obviously...I need something that isn't heavy because I'm a wuss and can barely carry anything. I would like something with a handle and wheels because again, I'm lazy. But is it better to have one of those hard suitcases? Or are those lame?

I'm super organizational so I need a bag that has pockets for stuff. OH! And I need a bag that won't tip all of your stuff over when you move it. I HATE THAT.

So this post is going to be short and sweet- but honestly. What are good and bad things to look for when shopping for luggage? Are there certain brands I need to stay away from?

Help me be a grown up. :(


middle child said...

Put on your Big Girl Panties and go get a set of luggage on wheels. You will thank me later!

____j said...

I don't have luggage either. So every time we go somewhere, I always end up putting my stuff in with Aaron's. Well, he pretty much just throws his stuff in [not neatly] and it bugs me. So I put this [] on my Christmas list this year, and I'm hoping at least one of my relatives gets it for me.

AmberLaShell said...

I have the kind with wheels that you get at walmart and they suck,, they hold lots of shit, but they are top heavy and won't stay standing upright... I say go with those hard ones they are super cool and i would want one, so they must be awesome!

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Annah said...

Luggage... Hmmm..

I always buy mine at Ross because they have kick ass luggage for cheap. Also, I'm a super duper awesome packer so all my luggage is carry on. I can fit one week's worth of shit in a carry on. Waiting for luggage SUCKS ASS. You know what sucks more?

Them sending your luggage to Hawaii when you're going to Amsterdam. Yum... it's the pits.

prettylittlereckless said...

Luggage is an INVESTMENT. I told my mom this when I bought my first piece and was half lying because I was trying to rationalize my $130 purchase for a 4 day trip to Denver, but it was so worth it. I have a medium size piece from Swiss Gear (I got mine at Target) and I LOVE it. It has wheels on all 4 corners of the bottom, making it great to pull on 2 wheels or using all 4 to roll it around. Very durable! This is what I have:

Kattrina said...

I have lots of luggage and I have traveled all over the world with it and here are my suggestions:

1) First thing about whether you want a large or a small suitcase and how much you pack. I pack like I'm going to a desert island for 150 days when in reality I'm going two towns over for one night. I like to have multiple clothes and shoe options plus bring my workout closes and 70 books.

2) If you pack a lot and can afford to check luggage, then get a big suitcase. I have a hard suitcase and LOVE it because it has all these organizational things inside; however, the hard part is so heavy I have to be soooo careful to not go over the weight limit. So, the plastic large suitcases might not be the best option.

3) Actually, since you hate heavy things, I'd go for a fabric suitcase that swivels - they are the best (swivel suitcases).

4) If you're going somewhere that isn't a house or hotel, those large hiking backpacks are AMAZING. I've used them numerous times to travel all over Central and South America and can jam so much crap into them and still put it on my back that I sometimes feel like Mary Poppins.

5) Look at Ross or BJ's or Costco first because they have really cheap luggage sets.

So - after all this very important rambling, my suitcase advice is: buy a swivel set of suitcases with a large and medium (that can go above you in the plane) suitcase, and a smaller shoulder bag. If that's too expensive, get the medium one only. And if your 30/30 thing includes outdoor activities or hiking or such, maybe invest in those backpack things.

Wow - that was amazingly long advice!

Ang said...

wheels are a must!
If you can find a nice 3 piece set, buy it! The options are great to have and the smallest one should always work as a carry-on, which with today's fees, is a must!
I don't know much about brands though.

If you ever see auctions at local VFW or legion - go to them. A lot of time you'll have luggage to choose from and you can get it at a decent price. You'll have a chance to look at them before they are auctioned off to see if it fits your needs. I got my luggage at an auction and there is a small blemish on it, but it has zero impact on how it's used.

Julie H said...

I realized I needed to be a grown up and get luggage a few years back. I ended up getting a set that was kind of cheap but it came with 2 rolling bags and a few shoulder bags. It was like $50! They do tip over if you aren't careful when you stand it upright but I just make sure and lean it against something. If you are going to be flying anywhere I suggest you don't get black!

Another David said...

I've been using the same shit since my Bar Mitzvah. It's time to upgrade, I know, but it's just so damn expensive for something I use so rarely. Most trips are under four days, and I'm a minimalist, so I can generally get everything into a gym bag.